The Forgotten Gas Cap

There’s nothing like being in a fuss of a hurry to make your menopause symptoms show their ugly faces.  I mean, I reckon it’s one thing to go forgetting names and birthdays and stressing out over those sorts, but when it starts messing with giant, fast-moving machines, it’s sure bad.

I had to put gas in my truck on the way to work this morning. I was running a mite late as it was, so I was in a hurry. So I’m all kinds of flustered already, and when I get out to get the gas, the machine outside wouldn’t take my card. So I get my purse out of the truck and head inside to pay the cashier. And, there’s a line. Of course there’s a line. So, I wait. Then I pay for some gas, and hurry back out to pump it.

That goes fine enough, excepting that the pump was slow. But isn’t it always slow when you’re in a hurry? So I finish up, and get to work right quick as I can. It’s not until I’m at the school that I notice I left my gas cap wide open. And forgot my receipt.

My ex-husband always used to point out people driving about with their gas caps open, and we’d make light of them, because how hard is it to take basic care of your truck? And, if you can’t remember to close your gas cap, what else are you forgetting?  Never-minding what’s it’s doing to your mileage. And now I’ve gotten to be one of those people. I reckon it might be karma.

So there ya’ll have it. Don’t go making too much fun out of the addle-brained things you see other people doing, less you end up doing them yourself down the line. 

That’s all for now. Take care, y’all!



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