The Healthy Diet Façade


By Dr. Larissa Bradford

A recent small study from the University of Michigan unveiled an interesting find about the healthy eating habits of the male population: men will eat their veggies, but only to keep their wives happy.

The researchers examined the diets of 83 African American men and found that the men overwhelmingly agreed that their wives have greater control of their eating habits than they, themselves, do.  According to the survey, most wives and girlfriends make changes, such as swapping ingredients in a dish or simply not purchasing snacks that would be considered unhealthy.

This finding is valuable for physicians in developing health care plans for their male patients and women, who handle the food choices in the home. If you are responsible for the meal planning and cooking in your household, you may want to consider the findings of this unique study.  According to 2005 labor statistics, 80 percent of women are making the healthcare decisions for the household. It is a heavy burden to bear, but you are often the leader when it comes to health interventions in the household.


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