The New Perspective on Hormone Replacement Therapy


The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) began in 1991, observing the effects of synthetic hormone therapy on post-menopausal women. The women being studied had suffered from hormone imbalance for 15 years or more. The results, found a dangerous increase in the risk of breast cancer when estrogen and progestin (the synthetic form of progesterone) were combined. Physicians and women, interested in HRT, quickly took a step back, due to fearing the same repercussions.

Almost two decades after the WHI study, there is a light shining at the end of the tunnel. Tobie

de Villers, President of the International Menopause Society, shared with that when used properly, HRT will offer more benefits than harm. The increased risk of breast cancer, uncovered in the WHI study, has been found to diminish a couple of years after hormone treatments are stopped.

The National Institute of Health reassures women that hormone replacement therapy is safe, as long as it is administered by a medical expert.

Dr. Jen Landa, Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD is thrilled by these new outcomes, “The benefits of HRT have changed the lives of many women suffering from symptoms of menopause. This new research will open the door for many more women. When a woman has all the facts, she can make an informed decision for the betterment of her health and quality of life.”


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