The Right Doctor Makes All the Difference

Before I found Dr. Amazing, I got to see lots and lots of doctors. And I was not happy with them.

Imagine this:

You’re busy, what with kids and work and a husband and just life in general making all these demands on you. But you still take the time out of you busy schedule to see a doctor, because you feel like crap and you want to know why and you want to feel better. So you cancel what you need to and make changes with what you can’t, so you can see a doctor and get everything taken care of.

You show up just a little bit early, because you wouldn’t want to be late. And, for that effort, you get the oh such fun of sitting in a waiting room filling out paperwork. And then just sitting, waiting. You might get lucky, and only have to wait for thirty minutes, but you’re prepared to wait and wait and wait. Because that’s what happens at doctors’ offices.

Eventually, a nurse or someone takes you to an exam room, and asks you some questions – most of which you already answered in all those papers they gave you. But you answer them, and then . . . you wait!

FINALLY, the doctor sees you, and you try to talk to him about what’s going on with you. And, if you’re lucky, he listens to you. Sort of. And he ends up saying it’s your weight, or you’re too stressed, or you’re not eating right, or you need to exercise. I especially hated the “too stressed” – I actually had one doctor tell me I should quit my job if I wanted to feel better! Yeah, because living on the streets wouldn’t be stressful, right?

Okay, so you don’t have to imagine that. I bet you’ve experienced something pretty darn similar.

But there’s good news! Not all doctors are like that!

Some of my girlfriends have been really complacent with doctors like that. They’ve told me that’s just how it goes. You can’t expect more, or better. And they just take everything their doctors say as gospel. Believe it or not, doctors are people, too! They can and do make mistakes.

Finding Dr. Amazing was the greatest thing that’s happened to me, health-wise. He spent lots of time with me – a whole hour! – and made sure he understood what I was going through before just writing everything off or giving me happy pills to get me to leave him alone. And he took the time to do the tests, too, to see just what was going on. Turned out, it was my hormones. Menopause!

Anyway, I guess the point of all this is, if you’re not happy with your doctor, keep looking! There are great doctors out there. Dr. Amazing is a BodyLogicMD doctor, and there are lots of other doctors in the network. And, from the sounds of it, they’re all pretty amazing, too. 🙂

Love and Balance 🙂




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