The Right Time for Holiday Shopping

I know women who wait until Black Friday to start any of their holiday shopping. I know women who start their holiday shopping in January. The one fits the sales for all the hottest items of the season, the other avoids the stress but tends to end up with whatever what hot last year.

So, which one am I?

I’m neither. Yeah, I’d like to get it out of the way by starting early, but how am I to know what someone might want 12 months down the line? Besides, with that much time standing before me, it’s horribly easy to procrastinate. On the other hand, waiting until mid-November to start seems like sheer madness. Yeah, I could do it when I was younger. But not anymore!

Ever since I began suffering with all the “pleasantries” of menopause, it doesn’t take anything at all to set me off in an ill mood. Drop me amidst the crazy crowds and cut-throat bargain-seekers of a major sale and my risk of meltdown is pretty much 100%! Oh, I do hit the sales . . . I just hit them early or wait for the worst to past.

In general, though, I like to start my holiday shopping in October. I’ve got a pretty good idea, by now, what people are really wanting and how much I can afford. Anything I don’t manage to pick up during this month, I’ll grab at the big sales next month . . . and into December. After all, I can’t claim that I don’t procrastinate . . .

Love and Balance!




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