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Renee Mackey is one of the winners of The Wellness Project, which awarded her a year of wellness from BodyLogicMD. (You can read all about Renee’s journey and see her winning video entry on Renee’s Wellness Project page.)  Last month, Renee had her first appointment with Dr. Heidi Archer of BodyLogicMD of Vail. It has been one month since her treatment plan began. We asked Renee to tell us about her journey this far.


Wellness Project

Here is what Renee had to say:

Before going in I was feeling low energy, irritable and overweight.

The most striking thing about my appointment with Dr. Archer was the time spent. We chatted a bit about our lives, about my history and about my current lifestyle. I felt like she was truly interested and saw the value in getting to know me before jumping in with treatment.

Next we went over every single line of my lab work – one by one. I never felt rushed and asked a million questions (this is heaven for me: being able to ask questions without limit.) It was a breath of fresh air to be listened to so attentively and to be able to get so many questions answered. Usually when I leave a doctor’s office, I find that I have more questions than I had when I went in.

We decided – together – to start a small amount of testosterone (mine was tanked), a lower amount of progesterone (this was not as low as expected) and a low dose of Armour® for a borderline low thyroid. I am also taking B vitamins to support my adrenals (which are near collapse) and vitamin D3 (mine was way low.)

I’m thinking some may end up being “bridge” treatments and some may be permanent. My hope is that once my energy level improves, etc., I will be able to be consistent about good diet and exercise and many of these will stabilize in response to that.

I am two weeks into my “protocol” and I am feeling a *bit* better. I feel slightly more energetic and less irritable. Unfortunately fat is not melting off my body by the bucketful as my irrational self would wish, but I know this is not the way of things and is not what I truly expect.

I am reluctant to make any judgments on my improvements until I am through the second half of my menstrual cycle, as that is my most difficult time, typically. I have also not started an exercise program yet, as I want to focus on how I feel with the supplements first and then add in the exercise when everything has had time to sink in.

Thanks so much for this opportunity. I’m looking forward to sharing more positive results soon! 🙂


How can you begin your journey toward total wellness, like Renee?

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