To All My Bioidentical Hormone Sisters (BIHS)…

I just wanted to let you know more about why I decided to start this blog…and to let you all know how much I appreciate your comments.

I started this blog out of pure hormonal rage. That is, my anger towards all the docs that have MIS-treated me, MIS-diagnosed me, and just plain PISSED me off. I feel so empowered by all your comments. I knew I was not alone. With your help we just may change the way women are treated. We may not change the way main-stream medicine treats us, but now we have the power and knowledge to find docs that actually know how to help us, and how to use bioidentical hormones.  Keep the comments coming.

Your fellow maniac,

Judy B.


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  • Tiffany

    Hi This is the first time I’ve ever seen a blog like this. I signed up for the Body Logic therapy 2 weeks ago and see the doc on Nov. 6th. I have a genuine hope that this will help me. I am from Indiana and fortunately there is a Body Logic doc in Indianapolis (Dr. Roger Spahr). I only live 35 min from Indy so this is a blessing & a miracle!!! By the way, I too am a registered nurse (critical care). I am 34 and have suffered with my problems for almost 10 years now!! I was prescribed Effexor then, it helped for a while, but now it does nothing and all the while, I knew my problems stemmed 100% from hormonal issues. The Effexor was only a “band-aid”. Since we are starting our therapy around the same time, I would like to keep posted about your progress. You are probably swamped with comments, but if you get time, I would like to ask you a few questions regarding my symptoms and the therapy. Just send me an email. Thanks Tiffany

    • Tiffany,

      Are you still seeing Dr. Spahr? I live in Indy and I am miserable. We have been here a couple years and I have been seeing a new doctor since December. I am on Prempro and I think I am having side effects. My new doctor is not much help. I had an episode of aphasia and some other problems. I am hoping bioidenticals can help.


      • Hi Tiffany, I live near Indy and highly recommend David McLaughlin, M.D. located in Noblesville. He literally saved my life. Bioidentical hormones are used along with more traditional therapies. I had given up trying to feel better but gave it one more try. Thank God I did. Hope you’ll call if you haven’t found relief yet.

        • Sandra,
          I live in Indy, looking for someone who specializes in BMHT…does Dr. McLaughlin specialize in this area?

  • kelly bailey

    Hey, thanks for your blog! it’s going to be helpful/comforting/motivating to a lot of women out there.
    I think I may have a unique problem. I started with bioidentical hormones 6 weeks ago. Not with a body logic doc, but with a local doc who does the pellets, based on blood test. what we’ve found out is that my free testosterone hasn’t increased, although my total testosterone and estrogen have. Have you had this experience?
    Also, thanks to Tiffany for her comments = I didn’t notice that there was a doc in Indianapolis. I’m only 75 minutes from there (Im in cincinnati) so that may be my next step!
    Good luck!! and keep the posts coming….

  • Hi Kelly, like I said before, my doc orders saliva tests for the estrogen/testosterone levels. They don’t rely on blood work because it’s not as accurate. Just ask your doctor about it, and I would encourage you to see a BodyLogicMD because they are specialists in hormones and often know more about hormone therapy than regular doctors.

    Judy B.

  • MaryV.

    Hi! This is my first time to ever to blog and I have been dealing with noticeable hormonal symptoms for about 3 years now and have been looking into this bioidentical hormone theray for about a year now. I live in Dallas, TX so I am really close to a Dr. Susan Linder who is in Ft. Worth. Before proceeding to calling and making an appointment I wanted to get more information and feedback from women who are on this type of therapy. To be honest I am more afraid of the cost of all of it, than I am of starting the therapy. I don’t want to go to a regular GYN, just to get a pill to mask my sysmtoms. I want real results that won’t harm my body. I like doing things as natural as possible. Anyway, Thanks for the blog.


  • Hi Mary, welcome. You are not alone. I’ve heard from a lot of women that say this is their first time on a blog. It’s my first time too. I understand your concern about the cost. I felt the same way. Looking back all I can say is how could I NOT afford this. It has been life changing. The synthetic estrogen I was taking was costing me $50 every 2 weeks, and that was just my co-pay. Now I pay $40 every other month and the dose is 1/10 of what I was taking. The most important thing to consider, at least to me, is the saliva testing. This is key in determining the course of treatment. If you do not find out where your hormone levels are, how can you get the proper treatment? It has been drilled into my head for over 8 years now that all I need is estrogen, and in fact what I need most is progesterone. I do not suffer from hot flashes anymore, I fall asleep and stay asleep without any medication (for the first time in years) and I feel overall normal. Bioidentical hormone therapy has given me my life back. I don’t know what else to tell you, it works. It’s worth the investment. I hope you can swing it. Good luck to you and keep following the blog to hear other women share their experiences. JudyB

  • JoniB

    Hi Everyone:
    I have been on bioidentical hormones for aprox. 8 months. I was suffering terribly with menopause. I felt depressed, angry, weight gain, aged, and not feeling like I could hold my thoughts together. I had to quit my job because my symptoms were horrible.

    I started on the bioidentical creams of testosterone 2mg,30 Bi_Est(80/20) 1.25m/GM , and 15 Progesterone 100MG/.5 and I have to tell you that I was alittle sceptical in thinking that nothing was going to help me. Well I’m here to tell you that this is the best I have felt since I was a young teenager. I am 54 yrs old now and have not felt better. Although I am having one major problem right now.

    I don’t know if this is attributed to the 3 creams that I apply to my wrist daily, but I have the worse arm pain. I will be seeing an orthopedic doctor on Monday to see what is causing this pain in my arm that has come on gradually since I started using these creams. I don’t want to get off of them, because I feel wonderful when taking them. I have gotten off of them several times to see if that was the problem, and my arm pain decreased but have always returned to taking them again because I become so menopausal.

    I can tell you that if you are on the border of deciding whether to take these or not, DO IT!! I would have never believed the miracle of taking my menopausal symptoms away. By the way, my insurace pays for this treatment and I pay copays.

    I would really like feedback from anybody who are using bioidenticals to see if they have any problems with arm pain and if there is something that can be done to alieate my arm pain symptoms.


    • I agree with JudyB. In the instructions of the creams they always suggest putting it on different places of your body (like thin skinned areas) also rotating each time you put it on. If you put it on the arm ,next time put it on the inner thigh. I imagine that is so the receptors in one area aren’t overworked.,just my guess. I would also like to know if your arm pain responds to putting the cream on other parts of your body. I hope the best for you.

    • Joni, What state do you live in? I live in ohio and it is very hard finding this type of therapy?

  • Hi JoniB, I am so grateful for your story and am glad you’ve been able to get rid of your menopause symptoms. I say the same thing, DO IT! I’m so sorry you are having pain in your arm. Did you speak with your hormone doctor? What about the pharmacist? They are a wealth of untapped knowledge. I hope the Ortho doesn’t suggest you stop. What about putting the natural hormone creams on your belly? Sometimes I use estrogen cream and testosterone there. And don’t forget your thighs, finally a purpose for chubby thighs! Not that yours are chubby. Please check back after your Ortho appointment, I am quite curious as to cause of your pain. Don’t let him blow you off either; we all know how they do that.

  • Laura


    I came across this blog looking for info to send a friend on this subject.
    Glad you are all doing well.

    I am 54, in great health and went on BHRT about 3 years ago, and I am a patient advocate for a well known doctor in California.

    I feel great, but must caution that it takes more than hormone creams. You must eat well, and exercise, too.
    And, you must always use your BHRT correctly.
    Never EVER rub hormone creams on your belly. They should be rubbed into the “limbs” ONLY. Thighs and the underside of the upper arms are recommended, (not wrist, either) becasue they are best absorbed into the “fat base”. Everyone has “some” fat on the inner thighs and upper arms, even if you’re skinny.
    The fat on the belly, however, is not just “fat”… (no matter how little fat you may have there) That fat is actually a “separate organ” which metabolizes estrogens, so you would never want to put any hormone directly into that fat base. (This is another reason why belly fat is the most dangerous kind.)
    Again…LIMBS. I’m sure your doc will tell you this if you ask, and any doc that tells you it doesn’t matter is not well informed on bio-identicals.
    Good luck, ladies!

  • Bonnie,
    I can’t really answer that, sorry. But I suggest you visit the BodyLogicMD blog and leave your question as a comment on that blog, that way a BodyLogicMD physician can get back to you with an informed answer. Or just email them. Good Luck!

  • Nancy

    What a great blog. For the first time in my life I have experienced mood swings and physcial symptoms such as breast swelling and pelvic cramps. I have rarely suffered from cramping before. I no longer have night sweats, insomnia or hot flashes. What is most difficult to tolerate is the erratic mood — anxious and irritable. My GYN tried me on HRT and it sent me into a depression. He told me this was not from the drug. When I stopped the drug the depression lifted.

    Any suggestions for a doc in the Cincinnati area? Thanks.

    • Hi Nancy: It is a fact that HRT cause your symptoms. For that reason I was put on bioidenticals. I suffered from anxiety, depression and panic attacks before. I am less than a week..and NO MORE of the above. RUN to your bioidentical gyno specialist. I live in NJ dr cindy parnes – she uses EMERSON compounding emerson NJ with dr frieche – one of the top compounding pharmacists in the country. Stop suffering. I was on all too many antidepressentants and antianxiety meds that didn’t work. This is hormonal and easy fix. rub that cream in and wake up refreshed! Hope everyone here finds their optimum dosing.

  • Nancy,

    I would never recommend hormone therapy that is not bioidentical. Too many risks otherwise. Too many GYN (including my old one) don’t know what they are talking about.

    I would suggest Dr. Roger Garcia or Dr. David Garcia of BodyLogicMD in Columbus. I know they are a couple hours from you, but in my experience, it’s worth it.

    Good Luck and keep me updated,


  • bridget

    what a nice blog! i am 48 and was post menopausal at age 42. it was horrible in that i called my ob/gyn and her nurse told me to call a psychiatrist!!!! i told her there was something wrong with me and she totally blew me off. anyway the following january my periods completely stopped – and i called again. i went in for blood work and my ob told me i was post menopausal! i felt like the rug had been pulled from under me. i finally knew the answer to my irratibility, my madness, sadness, uncontrollable emotional swings.. however, i was stunned that i was no longer able to bear children… not that i wanted to – already had two… by the way – my doctor looked at my chart and apologized for the nurse instructing me to see a psychiatrist! she had not signed off on it!!!! regardless, it did not stop my husband from leaving, my children from seeing my madness and pure hellish emotional rage. i was angry at the world and could not figure why?

    anyway, like i said i am now 48 and have used no hrt’s. i really am encouraged with the information we are now receiving on bio-identical hormones and even though i have none of the easily diagnosed symptoms, i feel i need to get my “levels” balanced and that it would propel me toward greater health and happiness…

    so, i am currently pursuing bio-identical hormones and the moral of my story is: do not let the nurse stop you from seeing the doctor. demand you be seen – have your levels tested at an early age. if i was post menopausal at age 42, i must have been peri-menopausal for at least 2 years prior. who would have ever thought?

    anyway, don’t let this natural progression destroy your beauty as a woman. go for it, enjoy it, and do the next right thing by taking charge of your hormones!!!

    • Oh it is so nice to hear from another 48 yr old woman who has gone thru the same identical situation as myself. I went to the Obgyn a month ago after a long 6 months of total torture to myself and my fiance (who almost said the heck with all this..hes 41). He put me on Primpro and I was still on my birth control pills to boot. Finally after 2 weeks of both I called and asked do I really need to be on both is there a chance of getting pregnant when blood levels showed I was at a 79 Post Menapausal? He told me NO but I am scared to proceed its either one or the other he said… So if someone knows the answer to this I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Its a little late in the game to be having a child in my world.

      • Hi Carmen,

        I understand what you must be going through. I am not a doctor, however, I work with some affiliates that are experts in hormones and the changes that occur with aging. One of these doctors will be able to offer you expert and detailed advice for your particular situation. You can contact an office staff member to learn more about the doctors nearest you and take advantage of a complimentary question and answer style seminar. Just follow the link below. I hope this helps!

    • Hello to all… It is so nice to FINALLY come across a blog such as this one!! I too went through the change very early…was told by my doctor that I was post menopausal, which BTW I found out when my husband and I were trying for our second child. SO you can just imagine what I was feeling; I was devastated. This happened about a couple of yrs. after having my son…I was 37 years at the time. I am now 44. My doctor at that time checked my hormone bloodl levels and told me that my FHS level was in the high 40’s and the chances of my conceiving was almost zero without an egg donor. However because of my history of a blood clotting disorder, he did not think that birth control pills or HRT was something for me. The truth was that I didn’t really care about being on the pill because I was really still hoping for the chance to get pregnant; even if it was a very slim chance. However it would have been nice to have something for the terrible hot flashes that I was experiencing. But to no avail, I was told to take OTC supplements for my symptoms….OTC sups my a**! I’ve tried several of them and they don’t work worth sqat; at least they didn’t for me. I also forgot to mention that about almost 2 years later after my diagnosis, I found my self pregnant…only to be in process of miscarriage. Again, another disappointment and let down. But anyway, I have been dealing with this menopausal nightmare and all the hell that comes with it for about 7 yrs.– 7 years too long!! I too have become depressed and feeling hopeless because I think that with my special circumstance with my blood clotting disorder that there’s nothing that can be done to help me. And when I say help, I’m talking about not throwing a bottle of “feel good” pills my way. Of course I’ve been depressed, angry, irritable, anxious, unable to sleep, gained weight, and not to forget induring those infamous hot flashes that come on daily at hours on end. But hell, I’m not crazy, and besides, antidepressants will only mask my symptoms by acting as a band aid rather than a true genuine treatment. The one funny thing about my symptoms is that my sex drive has not been so devastated like what you read about; I still have the desire for sexual relations, BUT menopause has caused me some problems with genital insensitivity, and it’s driving me crazy! My husband has been very understanding about this– bless his heart, but it bothers me because I feel cheated. I told my doctor about this and you can guess what she prescribed…antidepressants. I simply refuse to take them as I feel it’s completely useless. With all of this said, I have been doing a lot of research online on bio identical hormones, which is also how I came across this blog–thank God I did! What I would like to know is, if you or anyone else on this blog would care to chime in, do you know if bio identicals can help with restoring sexual sensitivity? I asked because I know in doing my online research that in addition to low libido, menopause can rob a women of her sensitivity as well…Now how common that is for a women in menopause, I don’t know. I live in the Dallas, TX metroplex and I do believe there is a BodyLogic MD available here some where. So I am seriously considering going to see them. I just hope and pray that based on my medical history that I am a candidate for bio identicals and the price for them is not too steep.

      I apologize for being so long winded, but I couldn’t resist the urge to comment. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

      Miss Judy, I would like to say congratulations on a wonderful and very informative blog informing menopausal women on the care that they desperately need and how to get it…Job well done!!!

      • Shannan,

        Thank you for your comments and I sympathize with all that you have been through! I am glad you have been able to locate the the BodyLogicMD centers in Dallas. I work with Dr. Jen Landa of BodyLogicMD of Orlando and I am quite pleased with my results. Please continue to let us know how you are doing. I wish you all the best!

        ~Menopause MANIAC

      • Hi Shannon, I have just a quick minute here but wanted to respond to your libido question. I have NEVER had any feelings of sensitvity in my life and when I started the hormone therapy because of the hysterectomy I had one and a half years ago I became quite aware that something was completely different with me. For the first time I felt like wanting to be loved by my husband and actually enjoyed it. I have the most wonderful and patient husband in the world, I just always felt like I was cheating him out of his life but we love each other more than life itself, but that is what pellet hormone implants did for me. It is unbelievable. I have strong urges to want to initiate sex, and believe me that is a complete shock “HUGE” shock to both my husband and I, and the most wonderful part is that I am probably too sensitive, but in a good way. So to answer that question these pellets have changed my “our” lives. I am 52 and went through life hating any part of love making, it did nothing for me and as much as I love my husband and no matter what he did I just never felt anything, and it wasn’t any medical condition either as being told by my doctor, boy were they wrong! At the age of 20 I was go from sweating to freezing constantly, I was miserable all my life and the doctors just sent me home with antidepressants like all the other women I listen too, so to all the ill informed doctors who cheated me out of a life, well, I will not write what I would like to tell them or where to go! I have a life now even if it came 30 some years later. Sometimes things do get better and thankfully for me with these issues with menopause it has. You have nothing to lose, I would definitely look into pellet therapy. Now I just have to work on my horrible back and leg issues, just another challenge for me, but I won’t even start with that . Best wishes! Gina

      • Hi Shannon, The clinic I go to is formerly known as HRC Medical, there has been a lot of noise about this clinic but the one I go to here in Minnesota is wonderful! Every person in that clinic especially the doctor, are so wonderful to me. This clinic switched doctors thank the dear lord, the first one was just plain evil, sorry for my choice of words but just make sure wherever you go to stay in close contact with the doctors, an make sure you like where you are going to be treated, that makes huge difference. Take care, Gina

  • Sherry

    Trying to find a doctor in Dallas, TX which is the closest major city to my home. Fort Worth TX one is too far. Does the doctor have to be with BodyLogicMD to be good? Please help!!

    • Sherry,

      I live in the Dallas areas too, and I have listed a BodyLogic MD location as well as their contact information for you and anyone else on this blog who may interested. Here goes:

      BodyLogicMD of Dallas
      3625 N. Hall Street
      Suite 600
      Dallas, TX 75219 Contact Dr. Lisa Gorn 
      Local: (469) 713-2055
      Toll-Free: (866) 972-5307

      BodyLogicMD of Dallas
      3625 N. Hall Street
      Suite 600
      Dallas, TX 75219 Contact Dr. Aveewan Yun 
      Local: (469) 375-9102
      Toll-Free: (866) 972-5307

      BodyLogicMD of Dallas
      3625 N. Hall Street
      Suite 600
      Dallas, TX 75219 Contact Dr. Phyllis Okereke 
      Local: (469) 718-6296
      Toll-Free: (866) 972-5307

      I will say that I have seen a commercial on tv for another medical facility that deals in bio hormones and they are located in Dallas & Frisco. It is called HRC Medical, you can google them to get more information. HOWEVER, I did notice when searching their name online, that they have facilities in other states, and I saw that they were facing legalities in TN, I think it was something to do with the nature of purposely misleading their patients about the possible risks of their bio hormones and not telling them everything that they needed to know? So I guess with that said, one needs to be cautious about going to just any medical place for bio hormones as some providers for this particular kind of therapy are not the same. Please don’t misunderstand and think that I’m being prejudiced against HRC Medical because the locations in the Dallas area may be genuine to their patients and it wouldn’t be fair to label all locations across the board as being the same as the one in TN. But it is something to think about.

  • Sherry,

    The best I can suggest is to locate your nearest compounding pharmacy and ask them to suggest a physician specializing in bioidentical hormones. Make sure you do your research before seeing them, but it gives you some ground work. Good Luck.


  • anita howison

    plzz give me a number for dr garcia

  • Anita,

    888-657-4562 for Dr. David Garcia and Dr. Roger Garcia-they’re brothers. Visit this link: and click on Ohio, then their names to learn more about them. good luck


  • Brenda

    I am wondering if anyone found a good doctor in Dallas. I am not opposed to going to Ft. Worth, but wish I could find someone closer. I just do not want to pick one without knowing if good or not.

  • I have found another facility in Indianapolis that does bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. They are half the cost of body logic, do all the same testing as body logic (ie., saliva, adrenal fatigque, blood work) and this facility bills your insurance company!!

    • I’m trying to locate this other facility in Indy that will bill insurance for bioidentical hormone therapy. Help, who are they?

      • Hi Angie,

        Unfortunately, we do not have a BodyLogicMD location in Indiana, but there are several in the surrounding states. We have a special program for billing insurance and you generally only have to see your doctor in-person once per year, so a nearby practice may work for you. Follow this link to find the location nearest you: and click the “Contact a Physician” button to learn more about the program and out insurance options. Please let me know how everything goes!

        ~ Menopause MANIAC

    • Can you tell me what is the name of the facility in Indy

    • YES! I too would love to know who/where in Indianapolis can do this! Please Help Pam =)

  • Pam,

    What is the name of the facility in Indianapolis besides body logic?

  • Sheila

    I am in Indianapolis also, would love to know the other facility you were talking about. I just found out about bodylogic but have not made an appointment, concerned about the cost. I have felt like I’m losing my mind the last few years with many symptoms. If it really works it would be a miracle!!!

    Thanks everyone

  • Hi Sheila,

    I also had a concern about the cost, but a friend of mine help me realize that my sanity and I AM WORTH IT! 🙂 The amount of sleep that I am getting alone is worth it! It may be helpful to either attend one of their seminars – there you can talk to a BodyLogicMD doctor and get answers to any of your questions, or you can watch one of their seminars on the BodyLogicMD YouTube channel…

    Take good care and take care of you!

  • Dee

    Does anyone know of any doctors or clinics in Minnesota,preferably near or in Minneapolis/St. Paul area?

    Also, what kind of costs are we talking, in general? The doctor appt is about $300 or so, but what about all the costs for tests and creams etc? I may need to take out a loan, as I am in grad school now (but I’m 50 years old and can’t sleep at night, hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, weepiness). I hate the thought of so much money, but need to know a ballpark figure(s).


  • carolyn

    I live in Dallas,Tx I am looking for a bio Dr. anywhere in tx

  • Hi Carolyn,

    You can see the physician locations for BodyLogicMD at: Dr. Susan Linder is in Fort Worth area and we also have Dr. Wade Huey in The Woodlands – a little further of a drive, but you may be able to get into see him a little faster than Dr. Linder. Hope that helps…

    In health,

  • Carolyn S

    Also looking for a doctor near Dallas area. No insurance so cost is a big factor. I heard a doctor recommended on a high end local show for bio identical hormones. It was going to cost 1,000 by the time I saw dr. (250.00 for him to walk in the room) Then a bunch of blood test.
    Obviously, not interested in helping women.

    Are there no clinics which take into account the finances of the patient?

    Tried to find compounding pharmacies, to no avail. (also was cautioned they are not regulated).

    Could someone please put a dollar amount to their treatment. Thanks

    Carolyn S

  • Sheila

    Pam: I too would like to know the name of the facility you have found. Thanks.

    Sheila in Indianapolis

  • kathy

    I, too, am struggling with the weight gain around the middle, hot flashes, no interest in doing the fun stuff in life. I honestly feel I have been going through this for years. I am 54. It makes you feel crazy. I have friends going through the same thing. I have noticed that many women that take the premarin are also taking synthroid. Menapause and adrenal fatigue totally destroys your life. I am taking effexor; have tried to wean myself off. It isn’t going to happen. I have never taken any Bio hormones or premarin. I live in Plano, Texas Have been searching for a Bio Identical hormone Dr. My Dr. also has really just ignored my questions about BHRT. Any Drs in the Plano, Texas area that anyone knows about?

  • Renee

    I have just started looking into the BHRT. I found the bodylogic one you were talking about however I live 30 miles east of Dallas and wonder if i can really aford to drive all the way to Ft Worth since I am currrently unemployed. I had found a Dr Woodward in Dallas. Does anyone know anything about him other than what all I have read online???


  • audrey

    what is the name of facility in indianapolis

  • Sandra

    I highly recommend a new physician in Indianapolis, Dr. Angela LaSalle. She is with Integrative Health, a clinic service of Indiana Health Group. Visit her site at She specializes in endocrine issues, hormone therapy, thyroid, diabestes, inflammation and was very knowledgeable and helpful with me. She listened closely to my issues, explained in language that I could understand, and now we’re working on a treatment plan that fits me – not standard, traditional treatments that haven’t helped.

    I came across this blog because I recently moved to Indy and share many of the same concerns you do – and knowing how tough it is to find the right physician. If you’re looking in Indy – give Dr. LaSalle a try. The best recommendation I can tell you is – she listens, she works at figuring out my issues, she works with me to figure out treatment plan, and doesn’t just let me fall through the health care cracks.

  • LISA


  • lynda

    i have been rubbing hard biodentical hormones on my stomach for 1 month and having severe cramps and pain bloating after i eat!!!!!!

  • lynda

    anyone else?

  • Joyce

    I had Lap Band surgery 6 mths ago and have lost 40lbs but hormones have got worse, Iam looking into BodyLogic in my area, anyone know if Blue Cross PPO reimburses for expenses incured using Bodylogic

  • Monica

    Hi Lynda,

    No I haven’t had those symptoms. Have you called your doctor to discuss these symptoms?

    Give them a call and let me know how it goes.

    Take care,

  • Bonniejean Gorgi..

    Hi, How can I get my name Bonniejean Gorgievski removed on Jan. 20th , 2009 Judyth answered my question . It shows up on the internet when anyone Googles my name. Please remove it. thanks. Bonnijean

  • Monica

    Hi Bonniejean,

    I have asked them to remove your name.

    Take good care,

  • Carol

    I got bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in the spring of 2009. Took them via the Sotopelle (under skin pellet) and had a bad reaction. My platelete count went through the roof. Only reason I caught it is that I have to watch my CBC results often to control an iron overload problem. Doc who did them claims they (the hormones) were not to blame, but when I didn’t get them again after 6 months or so, my platelet count went back into the high normal range. No other reason for the spike or drop can be identified. Did the hormones work on my symptoms? Yes! But severely elevated platelets (which my Hemotologist said can be a result of quickly elevating hormones) isn’t good. Have your CBC checked prior to any pellets and meaure the CBC again in a couple months. Just realize that they (the pellets cannot be removed.) If the platelets are high (mine got to over 1.2 million, when normal is 200-400K) you should take baby aspirin to keep the blood thinned out and avoid “bleedou” and clotting. I’m not an MD, but had to do all of this at the direction of my doc. Now I ave to try and find a new therapy, as hot flashes are now back.

  • Carol

    Follow-up to my earlier post…I live in the Cincinnati area. The “pellet doctor” advertises on radio, and he’s the one I went to. He was most cooperative, but never would acknowledge that the pellets could elevate platelet counts, even though I know a second person (a male) who had the same reaction to them. Just be cautious.

  • LeAnn

    I am looking into the bio-identical replacement hormone pellet with Drs. in Nashville. Does anyone know anything about which one might be better: bedside manner, listening, interested in each patient, etc? I have tried almost every other kind of replacement therapy, all to no avail. I have had these symptoms now for almost 13 years. Am hoping this works. Thanks for the blog!

    • Hi LeAnn,

      I hope you are well! Dr. Benita Swartout is one of the BodyLogicMD bioidentical hormone experts… and she is wonderful! Here’s some information about her so you can ‘get to know her’…

      Hope that helps…

  • merry88

    This is to anyone who will please respond, and especially To those of you in Idianapolis/ Indiana area: please let me know if you have seen a hormone doc., and DID IT REALLY WORK??? I am 39, and am misserably sick. I think I have been going through menopause, and believe it or not, I think this has been going on for at least 6 years! I only get about 3 hours of sleep per night (if i am lucky), and I am angry, sad, emotional, depressed, and loosing muscle mass, impatient, tired, and desperate for answers. I teach fitness classes, and it is all I can do to “get over” the fatigue enough to teach classes. I love my children, but I have been grouchy. I have been seeing doctors for years.. have been told to take a nap, take antidepressants, prescription sleep pills, thyroid meds, and so much more — NO RELIEF. I am so tired.
    I am seeking a bio-identical nurse prac in my area…. Please let me know if you can relate, and will it work???

    • I can definitely relate! I have been on bioidentical hormones for a little over two months now and have found tremendous relief! It’s important to make sure that you are getting your hormone levels checked to find out what your current levels are… that way you are treating with the most conservative dose you can… Also, be sure that you are using a high-quality compounding pharmacy that is regulated by the PCCA. I recommend it fully, but just be sure that you are using the right ‘tools.’

  • merry88

    One more thing: MY once thick & glossy HAIR has been shedding for 6 yrs. too! It is thin, tangled, knotted, and brittle. My scalp is tender and painful. Is this hormones? Will hormone therapy help this?

  • Diane

    I am confrused why none of the doctors take insurance such as Biologic and Dr. LaSalle in Indianapolis area? Any thoughts or does anyone know of someone in Indy area that will work with you with insurance for thyroid related issues which may cross into the hormonal and bio side? Thanks!!

    • Traditional medicine hasn’t caught up to preventive medicine! Just a guess… 🙂

  • Teresa

    I have been on Prempro for 4 years now, stopped the flashes and night sweats but I stopped taking them Feb 1, still get a couple of sweats at night but I just want to get off the synthetic stuff. I have been suffering on and off with depression like stuff, don’t look forward to anything, just feel unhappy, have a great husband but I have a feeling of disconnect with everyone, even my husband. Makes me cry to feel like that. Has anyone felt like this and is it hormonal??

    • Hi Teresa,

      Yes, depression definitely has a hormonal component. I wanted to share some information to give you more insight into the connection between hormones and depression.

      Feel better!

  • Hi,

    I am the business development director for Best Value Pharmacies in the Ft. Worth area.

    I found your blog today and wanted to let you know that Dr. Susan Linder is no longer a Bodylogic physician. Unfortunately there are only 2 other physicians in the Texas are that are BodyLogic doctors.

    That being said, there are other physicians in our area treating with bio-identical hormones; including Dr. Linder.

    Our compounding pharmacies would be happy to help any of your friends find a physician in the Ft. Worth area. We understand the importance of women having good care and understanding during peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause.



  • Nancy

    I had a total hysterectomy in September 1992. I was prescribed and took Premarin for 18 years. I went to a new “doctor” in January 2010. On January 31, 2010, I entered HELL with my eyes wide open. OMG! the first two weeks were okay, after that I started getting nausea, diarrhea, headache and felt very weak. I went to my “real doctor” yesterday, he said “I believe the creams are poisoning you, they are toxic to you!” so he ran a bunch of labs (kidney, liver, electrolytes, etc) my counts are all way off, the creams were poisoning me. They don’t work for everybody. I’m going to stop USING all HRT, and see how I am now as far as symptoms, my “real doctor” said “you’re probably through menopause, and don’t even need HRT.” So, I am going to find out, one thing I know for sure is this…I NEVER NOT ONCE had a problem with Premarin, but one month of creams literally could have killed me. NO creams for me anymore! Be careful, they’re not right for everybody!

    • Hi Nancy,

      You are 100% right – creams are not right for everyone. One of the most important aspects of using HRT is to understand what your actual hormone levels are and based on the results of comprehensive testing, prescribe a customized dosage for each individual – using a compounding pharmacy – not over the counter, one size fits all creams that are available at a drug store.

      Under the care of a highly trained specialist, like one of BodyLogicMD’s expert bioidentical hormone doctors, many women, including me (I’m only 34 years old and am not in perimenopause or menopause, but have adrenal fatigue), have had great success treating the symptoms of hormone imbalance (not just menopause). I hope that you’ll look into it a little more before crossing this great option off your list!

      Let us know if there are questions that you have… we are happy to help!

      In health,

  • Sandra

    Hi everyone!!..Well I just found out that I have hormone inbalance?..I went to do my regular annual exam with my of the questions I asked was why I was feeling very sad and would cry for any reason. I just got married a couple of months ago and my husband said that I have been crying too much sometimes 24 hrs straight, and I have more than one can anybody tell me what I can do or questions to ask?..please help. thanks.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling sad and weepy so often. Have you had your hormone levels checked – is that how you determined that you have a hormone imbalance? If not, getting your hormone levels checked is a great first step.

      I wanted to share some information about the connection between depression and your hormones. When your estrogen, progesterone and cortisol are out of balance, it can wreak havoc on your moods.

      There is a lot of great information about the symptoms of hormone imbalance in women for you to review. I hope that you’ll find the answers you are looking for (and the questions to ask). Feel free to write back and let us know how we can help!

      Stop back in and let us know how you’re doing!

      In health,

  • Lori

    I live in the INdy area. I have Lupus SLE. I have endometriosis to the point that my gyn. suggested I have a total hysterectomy since I’m done having children. I have 4, am 37. My endo. has spread out into my other surrounding organs that they cannot safely laser off. So, I am going to ask about my gyn. about these hormones after the surgery vs. the synthetic. Does anyone else out there have similar issues? I know my gyn. does this form of treatment and has a pharmacist she trusts that she works with. Thanks!

  • melodie

    has anyone had horrible shakes 24/7 with perimenopause icant standi it anymore. went to body logic they say me progesterone is low just got my order today does it help with shakes and how long does it take to work? thanks

  • Janna

    I had a hysterectomy in 93 and 94 (took uterus out first – nearly killed me) then had ovaries removed because endrometriosis took over my bowels. I have been sick ever since. Was on synthetic estrogen but was taken off of 7 years ago. My body is of a 65 year old and I am 44. You name it, it is wrong with me – I am sick 24/7 with no relief. Went to a Dr. Miles on the southside of Indianapolis – he is a gyno. Tested me for all kinds of things. Took blood and I did saliva testing. I am highly allergic to a lot of meds, and because I am on a lot of them now, I was worried about interactions of the biodentical hormones. So I took it slow and started with the progesterone cream (as told by the pharmacist) – for 5 straight days, I could not move my arms, neck and shoulders – the pain was so severe and it brought me back to the pain I was in all those years with the synthetic estrogen. I was told you have fibromyalgia – but funny thing, when I got off the hormones, it stopped – but everything else happened. I then went off of the natural progestrone and the pain stopped. I have tried to get answers, but I am going to be honest, I am not fond of this Dr. Miles – he does not care that I am different. I want to go on these drugs because my bones are bad, I am at high risk for heart disease, I have high blood pressure, and turning into a diabetic. Probably because I know my body has been failing since the hysterectomy, buy NO one listens! Does anyone have any recommendations for other doctors in the Indy area. Unfortunately, along with everything else, I have vertigo really bad and cannot travel the interstate. A doctor on the southside of Indy would be fantastic – I just do not know what to do! Any suggestions or has anyone had this happen (pain from these “natural drugs”).

    • Oh,Janna, my heart goes out to you. I also had a hysterectomy in 91. And because doctors can;t seem to do anything to help, I have just done without for 15 years. Maybe a Holisic person could help you bring your total body into a better balance, so you could use some gentler hormones after that. I believe our bodies were made from God, and designed to heal itself,given the right tools. I feel you are on too many meds that are reacting on one another. Some meds you have to get off gradually, so if this at all makes sense to you( read up and do it the right way) but apparently they are not helping you, right?. But you can stop (pain,high blood pressure, diabeties) with eating the right foods and maybe some herbs. I feel you need to get off the meds. Find a holistic doc. Eat plant based foods to bring your body into balance,and then look at the hormones you body needs to help with againg. You are still very young to have all these problems.I hope this helps you some.

    • Janna, I can relate so well to you and what you are going through. I had a total hysterectomy in 2009 and have went down hill since then. I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I hurt so badly all over my body and am on bio identical cream and they do not help at all. I think they make my symptoms worse actually. My husband thinks I am crazy and honestly so do I! We recently moved and have found a really good ob/gyn, but for some reason he just keeps telling me to use the bios. No one listens, for over 3 years now all of the doctors I have seen have just handed me head pills, which I can not take. Severe side effects from them. Very sensitive… I am cramping so bad and can’t even barely lift my arms or move. I am so thankful I found this site and I knew I wasn’t nuts!!!! Just looking for someone else going through the same things and I know I’m not alone in this. Thanks for listening and God Bless all of you ladies who suffer in silence and feel like no one understands because we understand each other., Take Care

  • mtriplett

    I have been on BHRT cream for a year now. I like it, but I still have no libido. Doctor won’t increase testosterone, I am on 1mg est/1mg testosterone/50mg progresterone. Anyone out there experiencing same problem?

  • Sandra

    Janna – I highly recommend Dr. Angela LaSalle in Carmel, IN, just north of Indianapolis. She is GREAT! She listens to ME, and figures out a treatment plan that works even with all my other medical complications. She will work with you and find your best mix of treatments – prescriptions, supplements, oral or transdermal, whatever. Visit her website – I moved to Indy over a year ago and was desperate to find a doctor too. Finding her was a godsend and huge blessing! Don’t waste time – try her.

  • Anna B

    Can anyone recommend a centre in the UK, if known, where I can find help? A clinic which performs hormone testing, treatment, etc. Along the line of body logic would do fine. Many thanks, Anna

    • ii went last week to see dr julia piper,last week she takes blood and prescribes bio identicals ,i should be getting my cream soon ,so will see how i go. `it cost aprox 550 pound so isnt cheap but we owe it to ourselves .ill leave u address and number good luck!!! private practise,3 knighton grange road,stonygate,leicester…… 01162700373.

  • Carole

    I live in Houston, TX. There is a bodylogic doctor here. I’m just about to contact him. Does anyone have experience of him in Houston or know another doctor who is cheaper? Thanks in advance.

  • Stilltrying

    1st time on blog as many of you. I wanted to share another name with all of you in the Indy area. Swathi Rao (PA-C). She is with Health & Wellness of Carmel (119th/Meridian). She is fabulous at putting all the pieces together. I have been on BHRT for about 4 months using the under-the-tongue troches. It has helped tremendously, but we are still working on the right combination for me. I highly recommend her. Good luck to you all!

  • Laurie

    Hi Carole,

    I’m assuming you’re talking about Dr. Huey, and yes he’s wonderful! I did some homework before starting treatment and in comparison to other options that are out there, his prices are pretty resonable. To be honest, as corny as it sounds, you can’t put a price on health and I would of paid much more to feel as good as I do today. I’ve been using bioidentical hormones for 9 months now. Dr. Huey started me on an exercise regimen and his assisstant Rebecca is a certified nutritional expert and specializes in dietary supplementation, so between eating better, working out and taking the right supplements, I’ve really been able to get my health back on track.

    Let me know if you want anymore information, I have his business card with his contact info.

    Good luck to you Carole,

  • Barbara

    I was an active , supper energetic person that jogged and lifted weights until 1 year ago at which time i started gaining weight until i reached a 25lb weight gain. At that time I saw my GP with a couple tries at different Antidepressants to remedy the lack of energy and weight gain. Nothing worked for me. I stopped menses 3 years ago and have spiraled into numerous symtoms, depression, lack of energy, moody, fatigue, weight gain, difficulty with thought process to name a few.
    I went to my GYN and was put on a hormone supplement that did nothing for me, for 3 months, then I was put on Primpro for 2 months and I have just gave up on it due to feelings of Anger and sever moodiness. I am so ready to try anything to get my strength back, and feel like myself again. I am hoping Bioidentical hormones will help me too. IF i feel like crap at 55 how will I feel at 65????? Luv Barb

  • Tess

    Wow! It’s funny how isolated you feel until you start looking for answers. Then all of a sudden, you realize you aren’t alone! I have not had a cycle for over two years now. Started synthetic hrt in April (Activella) and was feeling pretty good. Then at the end of June, things started “breaking.” I fell and tore a rotator cuff, then I developed tendonitis in both elbows, but severe in the left (and I’m right-handed). I started bleeding again, but knew it was not a menstrual cycle. Then I pulled my right achilles tendon. My neck became really tight and I started waking in the middle of the night with my arms THROBBING from my shoulders down to the palms of my hands. I asked my gyn if there was a connection and she said absolutely not. She had me come in for an ultrasound since I was bleeding and found fibroids. Because I was bleeding, she said she wanted to biopsy them and also wanted to refer me to a rhuemetologist (sp?) for all the other things. I asked her if I could reduce the dose first to see if that would make a difference and she said no, what was happening had nothing to do with the hormones. When I was told that I had to take a pregnancy test and they would not take no for an answer… Despite the fact that (1) I have not had a cycle for two years; (2) My husband had a vasectomy ten years ago and; (3) She just did a flipping ultrasound and could see everything in there and I don’t recall a heartbeat being one of them… I knew this woman is in this for the billing and could care less about me or my health. I have canceled my biopsy and follow-up appts. with her and now here I am, on this journey and not alone at all. I hope I am able to eventually contribute some good info as I find my way. Thanks JudyB for this resource! 🙂

  • Tina

    Wanted to know is the saliva test better then blood. Was told by one pharmacist it is. Also live in cincinnati oh. Worried about finding a dr that really knows there stuff and will follow up

  • Debbie

    I just happened to run across your website while researching about the hormone pellte. I am 57 and had a hysterectomy 17 yrs ago. I have been suffering from menopause symptoms for almost 11 yrs now. sometimes I feel I am losing my mind! My family doc has me on Effexor ( for 10yrs) I take Trazodone ( to help sleep) I don’t like the way I feel when I wake up ( still don’t sleep normal) I also have have the sleep apena machine ( it doesn’t help) I have no desire to do anything, I am always tired. my moods change at the drop of a hat. I have lost all sex drive! my gyn doc put me on Testosterone injections ( with out doing any blood work) it made me hateful and also side effects that I did not like. My new family doc took me off of the injections and put me on hormone pills, I did not like what I read about them and stopped taking them. I read an ad for HRC Thearpy in Louisville, Ky (Dr. Farmer) I had my first visit last Wed. they did blood wok and I go back next week for the “pellet” insertion, they also give vitiman B 12 shots along with the thearpy. Although it is quite expensive and my insurance doesn’t cover it. the cost is $2,950.00 for the first year. (cheaper from then on) that covers all office visits, B 12 shots, all blood work and all pellet insertions. Although it costly, I knew I could not keep on living like I am, so I jumped at the chance!! Keeping my fingers crossd that this works. Has anyone else did the pellet thearpy? and did it help? I will keep you posted. Debbie

  • Help I need a gyno who specializes in bioidentical hormones I the Franklin /greenwood indiana area

  • cheryl

    I just started the HRC pellet therapy last week. I have noticed some subtle changes (in a positive way): more energy, more focused and decisive. However I have been having some cramping which reminds me of having a menstrual cycle. No bleeding, though. Has anyone experienced this? I don’t want to stop the program because I am very excited about the potential for feeling better. I am 57 and post menopausal, with all the usual symptoms. I think these bio-identical hormones are the way to go and I do like the pellet because you only have to go in about every 3-4 months to have one placed. Would appreciate anyone’s thoughts. cheryl

  • I’m 31 and I want to know if I can get the bioequivalent hormones pellet therapy?. Since I have my daughter I been having a lot of mood change, gain so much weight , and lost of sex drive, I cant sleep at night. thanks

    • Hi Romina,

      I would love to help you! I am not a doctor, but there are affiliates that I work with that are experts in this area. You can get expert advice and get answers to your questions by following the link below and filling out the form. This network of doctors specialize in the symptoms you described and, in general, bioidentical hormone therapy. Once you fill out the form a member of the office staff will contact you to answer your questions. These doctors offer complimentary local seminars once-a-month in a question and answer format. I hope this helps!

  • I am living in a nightmare that won’t end!!! I had my uterus out when I was 26 and had both ovaries removed last year when I was 39…..I feel like crap. I have terrible hot flashes, night sweats, extreme irritability, thinning hair, no sex drive, depression, and weight gain. I’m taking Divigel ( rub into thigh) and it’s not working. I need to know if there is a doctor in Minnesota that does bio-identical hormone therapy??? I live in Rochester, home of the Mayo Clinic, but they aren’t on board with this type of treatment. Thanks!!

    • Hi Audie, there are two bioidentical hormone experts in Minneapolis. Follow the link below to learn more or schedule a consultation.

      • thank you…i have been to bodylogic in minneapolis and am currently on a regimine. Do you know how long it typically takes before you feel or see results??

        • Hi Audie!

          As you may know, I am not a doctor, just a fellow MANIAC, who believes in the effectiveness of bioidentical hormone therapy and the pursuit of good health! From my experience working with my doctor and chatting with the experts I work with, the timeline for results varies. My best advice would be to contact your physician and ask if he or she can advise you when you may see results – based on what they know about your specific case. Please keep me up to date on your journey – I know fellow MANIACS would love to hear your story. Have a great day and thanks for sharing!!

  • Joyce

    I have been seriously considering bio identical hormone therapy. I love in Cincinnati. Can anyone give me any advice as to which is better…pills, creams or pellets. Also there are several doctors in town. Has anyone had a good (or bad) experience with any of them that could help me with my search? Thanks for any help.

    • Hi Joyce, there are two bioidentical hormone experts in Cincinnati. Follow this link to learn more and schedule a consultation.

      • I currently take creams and my testosterone is injected. I’m going on my 4th week and see some results. I hear the pellets are better, but I haven’t tried them.

  • kim

    I had a hyserectomy in may 2010. I was put on the vivelle dot and felt great for about 3 months. Then the hotflashes started and i wasn’t sleeping well. My doc doubled the dose of my patches. This made me feel horrible! I became so depressed i was suicidal. My mood swings were so bad I didn’t even like me. I took myself back to the initial dose and was at least a little better. By then hot flashes and sleepless nights seemed better than the alternative.

    In April of last year, I began to be sick in my stomach all day every day. I was dizzy often and would vomit 2-3 times a day. Every test under the sun was done and nothing was found wrong. I asked my doc if it could be my hormones since it felt just like i did when i was taking massive amounts of hormones for infertility. She insisted it couldn’t be that, but i quit taking my hormone therapy just the same. It worked! I wasn’t sick or lightheaded any more. However, other symptoms have become worse.

    I have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have symptoms such as aching all over, sleep disturbances, fatigue. Of course I wonder how much is hormone related and how much is really fibro. Then there are the hot flashes and mood swings (which are better off the patch, but still there). My libido is much lower – it was bad on the patch, but is now non-exisitant. I have much worse vaginal dryness and now also have a tightness down there that causes pain with intercourse. And my weight is out of control!!! Despite starting an excercise and healthy eating program recently, i gain a pound every 2-3 days. This started a few weeks ago when i quit my patch and has now amounted to almost 20 pounds!

    I am desperate for help! my doc suggested we try to cut my patch dose in half again. I have little faith in this since they just keep guessing. I have $100 worth of patches at the higher dose in my medicine cabinet now (my insurance makes me do 90 day mail order or won’t pay). I don’t want to waste a month and alot of money trying something based on a wild guess. I am seriously considering bioidentical hormone therapy, but am not sure which to try.

    Here in cincinnati we have HRT- does amore vie therapy. We have BodyLogic. We have a doc to does the pellets. And I have also found an OB/GYN who does bioidentical prescriptions for a compounding pharmacy. This last woudl be the cheapest since he actually bills insurance. However, I am willing to spend the money for what is best. Any ideas/opinions on which type of treatment gives the best results fastest?

    Since then i have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I hurt all over, wake multiple times a night and

  • Sherry Reed

    i was looking online for a hormone doctor and came across with site. My issues are I simply to do feel up to par. I recentely started getting dull headaches, with little light headiness, no energy. I am going through menopause. I no longer have a menstral cycle, but continue to have hot flashes. I am 52 yr old. I have been told that perhaps my hormones are out of wack. I have put on weight. Not a lot but enough to make me stress about it. I eat healthy an occansionally exercise but no matter what I do the extra 30lbs + is there. I have no energy. Has anyone went through this and if so any suggestions on what I need to do or who I may see. My doctor doesnt seem to think it is a problem just diet and exercise. He hasn’t even address the issue of no energy, weight gain, light headiness.

    • Hi Sherry,

      I would definitely love to help you out! The good news is that you are not alone in your experience and there are experts that can ease all your symptoms and make you feel like yourself again!

      Follow the link below, fill out the form and a staff member from the doctor’s office will contact you (hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm.)

      I wish you all the best and please keep me informed of your journey – I know there a plenty of women out there who can relate to your story.

      Have a good weekend!

  • Ruth

    Hi there. I’m looking into BHRT and have read about body logic and HRC medical. I live in the Nashville area. I was wondering if there are any GYNs that will prescribe the pellets. I don’t want to have to pay a fortune when I have insurance! Thanks

  • Gail

    Anyone have any suggestions to get the hormone cream to rub into the skin? I have been using the cream for Testosterone as well as estrogen and I have to say that I hate it. I have been told to apply it in my “thin skin” just before bed. Well, here I am in the nude trying to rub this slime into my skin and it does not absorb AT ALL. It just sits on my skin like paint that won’t dry. I rub rub rub and then wait for what seems like an eternity and still it just sits on my skin. After about 5 minutes I give up and put on my night shirt which then sticks to me where the cream was applied. Then, of course, within half an hour of getting into bed I usually get a hot flash. Then, the cream just turns into this stickly slimy sludge that just saturates my night shirt and the bedding. I hate it. It is slimy and sticky and feels horrible on my skin.

    I am also concerned that this is just a waste since I am still having hot flashes every couple of hours every day all day and night. I’m betting that this miracle cream (ha!) is just becoming a crust on my skin and then wiping away on my clothes. I have to say that I liked the pills better. At least you could just take them and go to bed. This nightly ritual of “eeew yuck” is just really starting to make me just want to stop taking them completely.

    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Gail,

      I am so sorry you are having so much discomfort! I know my doctor has mentioned that each individual responds differently to the various methods of hormone therapy. My best advice is to chat with an expert. If you would like to contact a doctor in your area, you can follow the link below, fill out the form and someone will contact you shorty to give you answers to all your hormone therapy questions! You must write back and share with the rest of us how this all turns out. I wish you all the best!!

    • you could try the injection or the pill form….

    • go to a doctor. you can’t understand how much of what you need. one of these hormones effects the other and its dangerous to take alone or not by prescription. its worth the money to have your health. I hope you feel better soon.

  • try the testosterone injections instead of the cream. There’s also a pill.

  • Menopause Maniac

    Dr. Jennifer Landa answers questions about pellet therapy in her February 10th post. Follow this link to get more details about pellet therapy:

  • Jackie

    I’ve been on HRC Amor Vie Pellet Therapy for six weeks. I’ve had my first insert w/ a second booster, along w/ b-12 shots. The first week I could feel a difference but since have leveled off. I also am taking their multivitamin & chewable b-12 vitamin. I am on fluoxetine(generic -Prozac) & Topamax for migraines. Could these medications be hindering my absorbtion of the hormones? I am still so tired & fatiged. My mood is down and my concentration is still poor as is my sleep. Sure hope things improve soon. The folks at the office here in San Antonio aren’t helpful at all – just tell me everyones responds differently..gee thanks!

    • Hi Jackie,

      I am so sorry that you are not getting the help you need! I am not a doctor, so I cannot answer all your questions, however, we do have an excellent staff of doctors that offer bioidentical hormone therapy and ensure you have all the information and support you need as you embark on this journey. We have doctors in Houston and Dallas, if you would like to hear from their staff, click the link below, fill out the form and someonw will contact you shortly.

      If you want to get more information about pellet therapy, I have included two links below from our expert physcians, that might answer some of your questions.

      Please continue to share your experience – fellow maniacs would love to learn from and support you on your journey.

    • Hi Jackie!

      I too am on the HRC Amor Vie® Therapy for about 7 weeks. The first implant I felt a lot better and now I am still having terrible hot flashes, fatique, everything. I just got off the phone with one of the nurses and she said that it usually doesn’t kick in until 4-5 weeks into the pellet being inserted. She said next week if there was a day that I was feeling really good, to come in and they would draw labs to see where my levels were that made me feel good. Maybe you can do the same? The HRC here in Huntsville, AL is fabulous. I actually was on it in 2009 and after being told I would never be able to have any more children, I got pregnant after 2 implants! I am huge HRC Fan. They are right that everyone is different, but I really like the idea of having a really good day and going and getting my levels checked to see where they need to be for me to feel good again! Let me know if they let you do this!! Take Care!

      • Well, it’s been 4mos for me now & I’m ending my treatment w/ HRC-San Antonio. I am still very fatigued, dizzy, have headaches & am achey. Per my appt. w/ the Dr yesterday, his recommendation was to take me back to zero levels, which would be in 2-3 mos & start out again. I am now looking for an alternative. I’ve never been treated like that before! Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. –

  • Denise

    I stated the bioidenticals two weeks ago and began having skin acne again plus experienced severe increase in heart rate. Came off of everything ( progesterone cream, testosterone, vivelle dot, estriol cream. Felt worse on them than off. Has anybody else had this experience???

  • Denise

    This is Denise again. I had a complete hysterectomy 4 years ago. Could not take the hot flashes and inability to sleep any longer. So I was hopeful the bioidenticals would help.

  • Helen

    Anyone know of an excellent bio identical hormone dr. in the dfw area? I was overdosed on hormones a couple of years ago and didn’t know it. I started getting very anxious and didn’t know the cause. I went off all hormones almost a year ago, but the anxiety is continuing. I’m wondering if I made a mistake getting off the hormones. I’ve never had this issue before. Or maybe I just can’t take hormones. Either way, I just want this anxiety stuff to stop and need help finding someone who can help me.

    • Hi Helen,

      I am so sorry to hear about your experience. There are three excellent bioidentical hormone physicians in Dallas that can assist you. You can read more about each of these physicians at If you would to learn more about how these physicians can help you, please follow the link below, fill out the form and someone will contact you shortly to answer all of your questions.

      I wish you all the best Helen! Keep us posted on your journey!

      ~Menopause MANIAC

  • lori

    I am peri mena and had all the symptoms. I had to fight with my OBGYN for BHRT I won and I feel like a million bucks! I don’t Understand some of these posts it should not be costly I pay 70 a month to the compounding pharmacy . Go to a OBGYN and get tested using your insurance . There is no need to go to a specialty facility. Was wondering if anyone here lost belly fat seems like the one thing I can’t fix. I look like an ethiopian with my skinny legs and big belly!

  • Leslie

    Hi Ladies,

    Does anyone know a good dr. in Columbus Ohio. I have been doing pellets for about 2 years but my dr. is not monitoring me at all and I am way out of balance. I need a dr. that will help me figure this all out.

    • Hi Leslie!

      I am sorry you are not having a great experience with your doctor.

      There are 2 bioidentical hormone expert physicians in Columbus. You can learn more about these doctors by following this link: or you can fill out the form at this link: Someone will contact from the office nearest you, listen to your needs and tell you how these doctors can help you.

      Keep me informed of how things go! Best wishes!!!

      ~Menopause MANIAC

      • How do you know these doctors?

        • Hi Leslie,

          My doctor, Dr. Jennifer Landa, is part of a national network of doctors specializing in bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT), known as BodyLogicMD. In fact, she is the Chief Medical Officer. The training and requirements for these doctors in BHRT and nutrition is extensive – and it is what their practice is dedicated to. Not to mention, it is a requirement of that all these physicians must be board-certified doctors. I began this blog to share with women my experience with BHRT, which has not been exclusively with Dr. Landa, but she has offered me the best experience in service, knowledge and follow-up. I expect the same is true of her peers. You should at least investigate these options and see how you feel – it won’t cost you anything and it is one step closer to feeling better. Each doctor offers FREE seminars, follow this link and click on “Ohio” to find the one that suits your schedule: or call and chat with the office staff – they are well-trained, knowledgeable and friendly. Please let me know about your experience, Leslie. I truly hope you find a physician that gives you the attention and help you deserve.

          Warm regards,
          ~Menopause MANIAC

  • margo miller

    thanks for your help.

    • Hi Margo,

      You will have to contact various insurance carriers and ask them about their coverage or you may be able to call the pharmacy directly – they may have information on which companies cover those prescriptions most often. Unfortunately, that information is specific to each insurance carrier.

      Best of Luck!
      ~Menopause MANIAC

  • LT

    Does anyone know a good NHRT doctor in the Sarasota, Florida area ?


  • Cammy


    Being that one of the (many) symptoms I’m experiencing is brain fog, I am hoping someone will help me understand how this works.

    I have attempted a little research and it appears most, if not all, traditional doctors do no perscribe BHRT, but shouldn’t a person seek care from a specialist, in this case a gyn? I’m in need of an endocrynologist and even they don’t want to deal with female hormomes. What I’ve also seen is consults, and care done from afar, via phone and email. How can this be effective, let alone safe?

    Another issue is insurance. Mine does not cover BHRT and it isn’t possible for me to see an out of network physician. I cannot see a gyn (or any other doctor), especially in this area, agreeing to order lab work at my request, sending results off somewhere else, nor possibly monitoring results of BHRT. Without lab work ordered by an in network doctor and covered by my insurance that, too, is out of reach for me.

    Is there a list somewhere that gives the names and locations of physicians who do perscribe BHRT so that I can see if any of them are in network, though highly unlikely.

    Any tips on how to look for a reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, doctor working in this area? And then there are the labs. I’ve read not all are created equal. How does one go about finding out which are?

    I understand there is no way to know the cost of perscriptions since each is individualized, but is there an average? I have no idea if this in itself is something I can manage financially.

    Just to give you an idea of what I’ve been dealing with, went to my gyn 2 years ago. Had been having irregular periods for a few months (very unusual for me), asked her if it could be peri-menopause, her response was to ask me if I thought it was. She gave me 3 choices, HRT, scraping my uterus, and another I can’t recall. I left and haven’t been back. Last year I had cause to go to an endo who didn’t think HRT was a good idea. After she recieved lab resutls back for another problem she phoned. I told her I was hoping that she would be willing to work WITH ME to figure out what I am dealing with & that I am not interested in treating symptoms, but getting to the bottom of what ails me and taking care of it if possible. I don’t know if it was that or the fact that her nurse called in an unathorized persciptions for me which she found out while we were speaking, several days later she notified me that she would no longer take care of my medical needs. At a visit with my GP last year for minor problems and the result of a dexa scan which revealed osteo with a t score much lower than should be seen for someone my age which she could not explain and did no further testing to ensure it is not secondary, I asked her about the possiblity of cancer (been having specific symptoms), she told me I had enough to worry about and ushered me out of her office. I have not been to a doctor since and I need treatment and care. But I am at a total loss, frustrated, sad and mad as hell.

    I am so desparate to get these menopausal symptoms under control in hope to be able to have a clear enough mind (and feel human, normal) to deal with the other issues. The quality of my life has gone down hill so fast in the past year and I simply can’t take it anymore – and no one is listening. When a dive from a tall bridge seems a better alternative to sleeping no more than 2 hours at a time combined with all the physical and emotional challenges, the stress, and what my family is going through as a result, I really need to find a way back, now.

    Any advice, info and tips are greatly appreciated, thank you…

  • Cammy

    Correction – I meant how does one find out which compounding pharmacies are reliable, not labs.

  • Jackie

    Has anyone had any good results in San Antonio w/ pellet therapy?

  • i stumbled across this blog and it has been very helpful. i went to a dr in dallas to talk about BHRT. he suggested a blood test for the hormone levels. as far as payment i am curious if this is typical. first vist $225. first 3 months $750 then each additonal 3 months is $250 (does not include hormones). so in other words, i will have to continue to pay him every $1000 per year to have him periodically check my levels (seperate lab test). is this typical?

    I am very excited to try these hormones. I am 55 and in “perfect health” according to my internist and my labs but have quite a bit of fatigue, loss of muscle strength and thickening around my mid section.

    I am hopeful the hormones will help and according to the hormone dr they will!

  • Maria

    I’ve learned over the years that anything with hormones seems to impact me differently than most – believed to be from when I was developing in my Mom’s uterus… She had three miscarriages before me in the 1960’s so her doctor had her taking the “pill” for most of the pregnancy. I then became pregnant with my first child while on the pill, and my second child without barely going off the pill. A few years later I had Norplant placed in my arm and had a major reaction to it. What should have been a 5 year birth control method only made it for 3 months. Then in my 30’s I had an IUD and again another reaction so we switched to one that was hormone free and that was the first time I actually had something that worked until I had the essure procedure done. Now I am in my mid 40’s and have been feeling out of whack, having irregular periods, sleepless, gaining weight and irritable with brain fog but I am scared to death to start messing with adding any kind of hormones to my system again. Are there any options that may work with my system and possible conflicts? Help! I don’t know how much my insurance will cover but feel like something has to be done or I am going to go nuts!

  • Any HRT docs in Indianpolis you would recommend? I have been on pellets along with close monitering from a Doc in Western Suburbs in Chicago area.
    Had great results….I am a healthy 58 year old women and recently married.
    There are many “adds” for HRT docs, just wondering your opinion… need of pellet soon!

    • Heard good things about McGlocklin in Noblesville and he does pellets. Dixie

  • Andrea

    I stared out using the Vivelle-dot .05mg patch. I gained weight in the first month and had to up my dose after a month. I couldn’t sleep and was having crying spells (and I’m not one to cry) and my stomach was in a constant state of bloat and I had acne. I decided after six months on that I was done. I switched to biodentical hormones. I felt good for a few weeks but then had to up my dose again as it did not control night sweats nor hot flashes (where the vivelle-dot did). I dropped a little bit of weight and my acne cleared up but I did not feel well mentally. My dose got up’d again and I gained weight, still have night sweats and my mood is better but not steady. I have decided enough is enough. I’m going the Effexor route to see if it works for me. I have not lost one pound and I have worked out with a trainer 5 days a week for months and have gone up two sizes. Just for the weight gain alone I’m choosing to go off of them. And if I’m going to continue to have hot flashes and night sweats, what is the point?! Sucks being a woman sometimes.

  • Carol Stork

    I would not recommend Dr. Hirsch in Dallas

  • sandi

    HELP!! Just discovered this blog while searching yet again for something/someone that BELIEVES ME!! My doctors are worthless. I gained 40 lbs in 2 months last year. At that time I was “not” pre-menapausal according to them because the blood test said no. However I only had 2 periods in the last two years. As of my last doctor appointment, my blood test is now showing I’m in menoapause NO SHIT!! Good god, I tried to tell them that 2 years ago! I’ve always been slim at 5’4″ and around 125lbs…until this! Now I look like a barrel around the middle and weight 170 lbs…its sad, I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror. My hot flashes are unbearable. I’m in Indianapolis, unfortunately I have no health insurance but I have to find something to help me!!

  • mary lanekelso

    Anyone know of reputable physician in UK? Over in Europe having having a tough time finding bioidentical hrt pellet implants. No one advertises on the web over here. HELP

  • Chris

    Is this blog still active? I have questions

  • Chris

    Ok, my question is about breast tenderness. I have been on bioidentical progesterone pill , estradiol pill and had to stop the testerone cream (vaginal redness,swelling and hair loss).for approximately 3 months . I have extreme breast tenderness. I want another Dr. I have moved from California to Indianapolis. Who would anyone recommend in Indianapolis area? And…is breast tenderness a concern?

    • Hi Chris,

      I’m not a doctor, so I can’t answer your questions, but I can connect with a group of bioidentical hormone physicians that can help you. My doctor is one among the excellent physicians of BodyLogicMD. If you contact the office nearest you (you can determine the nearest location by clicking this link:, they will be able to answer your questions and help you determine what the best plan is for your health and symptoms. I wish you all the best! Keep us posted on your progress with BHRT.

      ~Menopause MANIAC

  • Fat burner,Weigh..

    Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to give one thing again and aid others such as you helped me.

  • Judy

    well, I hope I’m doing the right thing for myself. I guess I’l know in a few weeks, or so I was told by Jan , who works at Dr. John Farmers office in Louisville KY. I had blood drawn last wed. and I’m going in this coming Wed. I guess for my first pellets..Although no one has really been very clear as to the procedure policies.. I have not seen Dr. Farmer and I’m wondering if I will see him on my next visit. This is the pellet treatments. I have read good and bad things about it and feel it’s worth the risk. I hope I’m right. I had a complete hysterectomy 17 years ago and I was not even ask about HRT and I woke up with a patch on my hip and was told what it was..I used various forms of treatment , patches, pills, until the big scare a few years ago, then I stopped. O I’m 60 years old. I have not felt well since . Sooo, here I go, I will keep you posted here as to my out come , or progression through this process. I’m praying .. I just want to feel normal.
    So far they have not warned me about any kind of adverse effects that might accompany HRC. Only the good things, I’m gonna feel like I’m 20 again I was told by Jan, more energy, better sex, loosing weight, sleeping better, better skin, ect. It all sounds too good to be true, and remember what you have been told about that! and it’s only $3,000.00 dollars a’s not cheap! so..I’ll let you know how it goes.
    Wondering if anyone here is from Louisville KY and has received treatment here too ? Judy

    • Did you go? How do you feel? They have overdosed me twice..Once with estrogen and now with testosterone.

    • I also just had my blood drawn on Friday and go back for my pellets in a week or so. I have suffered from depression my whole life but these symptoms the night sweats, hot flashes, rapid weight gain (I mean I look like I’m about to give birth to twins, my stomach is so bloated) have made me suicidal. I am 50 years old and if this is what old age is about…can’t me out I am ready for heaven. It is awful. I would rather have a period every day and give birth once a month. Having babies was so much easier. I pray that this helps.

    • Judy,

      How are you feeling after going to HRC? Your story is my story….. Very curious how you are doing?


      • Hi Connie,

        Are you referring to Judy, who originally wrote this post? Sadly, Judy is no longer writing for Menopause MANIAC. Check out the “Maniac’s Bio” ( to meet the current woman behind Menopause MANIAC.

        Thanks for checking in!

  • I am so glad that there is a blog like this. I am at my wits end. I was on Prozac for a time, but, went off of it. I really felt like it was a band aid. I gained 25lb! In the meanwhile, I am having horrible mood swings, cannot lose weight to save my life. I am getting so down, because I have tried everything to lose the weight. Oh, I am so broken out. I feel like I am going through puberty again. To make a long story short, I had my blood test last week from my doctor and waiting for the blood results. He is very pro pellets. Has anyone had them and what kind of luck? I need something to give me hope.

  • melody

    does anyone have symptoms such as getting cold at any time of day or night, even in the summer time and having to put on thermal underwear and covering up for about 30 minutes before you’re back to normal?

    • Yes. If I am not sticking my head in the freezer to cool down I am searching for a blanket to get warm and that leads to getting hot again. The thermometer just doesn’t work.

  • pregnancy inform..

    Hello there, just turned into aware of your weblog via Google, and located that it is truly informative. I’m going to be careful for brussels. I will be grateful if you happen to continue this in future. Lots of other people shall be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

    • Thanks so much for checking out Menopause MANIAC!

  • Yes, extremely cold…so out of character for me…had immense hot flashes after my last ovary was removed now the cold ones are as bad as the hot ones. The hot ones have diminished with some cream I apply twice daily…but oh the cold!!

  • could you leave my last name off the post, I didn’t realize it would show it!! oops…

  • sally

    Does anyone know of a bioidentical doctor in houston texas? I am a Realtor and I can tell you brain fog is not the word for it. I use to could memorize anything now its hard for me to remember telephone #s and blah blah blah lol anyways, anyone know of a good doc???????????????????

  • Linda Edwards

    Looking for a dr who does this around ft worth, Keller tx, any suggestions?

    • Hi Linda,

      Yes, you can find a three bioidentical hormone experts in Dallas. Click this link to learn more about each physician and to schedule an appointment: I wish you all the best!

      ~Menopause MANIAC

      • Why isn’t Dr. Susan Linder in the BodyLogic directory? When I Google her it comes up BodyLogic and Pain Management.

  • Claudia

    I recently went to my gyn for HRT pellets. She has moved into a new building that also offers MediSpa treatments. Imagine my surprise when a man (late 20’s early 30’s) greeted me when I arrived with “Yeah! You are our first pellet patient!” After I signed in he started asking me questions about my health history while still behind the counter and I was seated in the waiting room. Then he brought out some paperwork and went over each piece making sure that I heard and understood him instead of allowing me to read it and ask if I had any questions. The other patient in the waiting room heard everything that went on and she had a look on her face like “Oh no, am I next?” Needless to say the experience was unsettling. I do not want my DOCTOR’s office calling me “Dear” or shouting out why I am being seen. I felt that my HIPPA rights had been violated and I was embarrassed and angry. It took me a day to calm down enough to call the office and speak to the PA. I can only pray that they get this nut under control before they lose all of their patients and/or have a complaint to the state medical board.

    • Hi Claudia,

      I am sorry to about your experience. You were right to take action because your rights were very much violated. Thanks for sharing your story with others! Medical and health information is very personal and should remain between you and your doctor. There are very strict laws that all health professionals must adhere to or risk losing their jobs and licensing. Please keep us informed. I hope you can find another center that will offer you quality care and service. Where are you located? I could make some recommendations, if you would like?

      ~Menopause MANIAC

  • raima

    Hi. Has anyone been to Dr Julia Piper in Leicester Uk or Dr Tregear? I am having horrible night sweats and hot flashes. I am based in the Uk and would like to know if anyone has been to either of the two. We are not so lucky on this side of the world when it comes to bio identical hormone therapy, there are only a handful of doctors who know what bhrt is all about. Would anyone have any information, please help!

  • Farida

    Hello, i am in Toronto and have just started with BHRT, after a 3 year struggle of trying various natural remedies for menopause including HRT. I am 49 years old, and quite frankly fed up. This is my second wk of BHRT, rubbing estrogen and progesterone on my wrist, DHEA drops and inter vaginal cream for dryness. No improvement mood wise, in fact feel quite sad, abdominal fullness , and no let up with anxiety. should i be considering anti depressants too? like effexor?
    Otherwise I am an active, busy individual and this is such a damper on things. Advice? Thanks so much!!

    • My doctor believes too many doctors reach for antidepressants to solve the woes of the aging female. I have found relief without antidepressants and keepingmy hormone balanced with BHRT. Some women need them, but some women just need to have their hormones evaluated by a physician that specializes in hormones, not a doctor that simply does hormone therapy as an add-on. The lab testing and training is far more in-depth when a doctor specializes in hormone therapy. Before you go on antidepressants, consider seeing a bioidentical hormone therapy specialist. I use BodyLogicMD. Currently, BodyLogicMD does not have physicians in Canada, but if you visit the states a couple of times a year, you might consider seeing one of their physicians. You speak to someone about your options: I wish you all the best. Let us know how it goes and feel better!

      ~Menopause MANIAC

    • I live in Buffalo, NY. If you find a good dr. who can balance your BHRT, could you contact me. I am on BHRT but would like a second opinion. I am will to travel to find one. Sue

  • ann stevens

    Hi,i live in cols ohio…just called dr.garcia…hope to get in there very soon…i have ben having menapause symptoms fir 5-6 years and hope my ins.covers … much is cost if ins. does not?


    Does anyone know of a doctor in the anderson / indy area that will work with your insurance company ?

    • Hi Teresa,

      BodyLogicMD, the network my doctor is with, has locations just outside of Indiana. You can find the location nearest you here: BodyLogicMD doctors have a program that will submit a claim for labs and consultations to your insurance company. Most major companies receive approval. For more information, click the link below, fill out the form and someone will contact you that can answer all your questions:

      Menopause MANIAC

  • Wendy McKissick

    Hello – just stumbled onto this blog. I am 44 y.o and have had surgeries every year from 19 – current with only a 4 yr break for endometriosis that was so bad they finally did a radical hysterectomy. I’ve been receiving HRT for years because I was in chemical menopause prior to the surgical menopause. The hysterectomy was 5 yrs ago and I am still having LOTS of issues. I finally got on “bioidentical” 3-4 years ago and I am still having all the symptoms. The dr i see is a gp and not a specialist. My comp. pharm just tells the gp what to write for and that’s how it works for me. I think I’ve seen every OB/Gyn in the cental Ohio area and they are “done” with me cause Im so complicated. My last surgeon, Dr. Mini Somasundarum, did the robotic surgery on me last year but her partner had to scrub in coz it took them 1 1/2 just to get throught the scar tissue in my abdomen to insert the trocars to actually do the surgery to figure out why I was having pain. Obviously, the scar tissue was EXTENSIVE as is evidenced by the difficult initial entry. I haev had adhesion barrier placed several times due to the many surgeries, including the one Dr. Mini did. I am still struggling with pain, as I have my whole life with endo and Dr. Mini refused to help me anymore. I tried to transfer to her partner, who is a great woman, I thought, Dr. Uma Ananth, but their office policy is not to allow that. So Im out on the street, so to speak. I don’t understand why doctors are such jerks, but I guess it’s all about the money, right?

    So, heres my question…I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years and many different medicines, with the last ones Im on now are “compounded” but they have propylene glycol in them as part of the cream. I’ve told the compounding pharmacist Im frustrated and something must be wrong and he’s done tests and had my gp do tests and he says everything is “normal” and that he’s medicating me correctly. BUT my symptoms SCREAM DIFFERENTLY!!!! So, while I’ve pretty much given up, the hot flashes are getting bad again and now that it’s freezing in Ohio, I start in the house sweating and then walk to the car and my sweat freezes directly and I’m so incredible uncomfortable. I know, Im talking to the choir. But thanks for listening anyway. I went to the HRC office in Dublin and was informed of their prices and was also concerned about the inability of tweaking for a whole month due to being an injectible sub-q vs. a cream that can be increased or decreased.

    Does anyone think it’s worth it to see the Garcia brothers here in Columbus? I’ve seen pretty much everyone else in Columbus and they really don’t know what to do or they have already tried to treat me and still don’t know what to do. Also, since there isn’t anything left to cut out of me, Dr. Mini and Dr. Ananth said there isn’t any reasons to see another OB/Gyn.

    Any encouragement and suggestions would be helpful???? I’m just going day by day, and really just frustrated. Thanks in advance.