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Jennifer Landa, MD, is the author of the new must-read book, The Sex Drive Solution for Women. She offers top tips to women everywhere on how to reclaim libido, revive energy and love life – at any age or stage in life.  Her are some of my favorites:

  • Rejuvenation means a change in diet, a shift in physical activity patterns, and a new awareness of where your time and energy are best spent.
  • Touch and be touched. When we’re touched regularly, we feel loved, calmed, and accepted. It’s a kind of sensory nutrition that enhances intimacy.
  • Love and accept your body! Female genitals, just like every other part of the female body, can vary greatly in size, shape, and symmetry. They also change with time, childbearing, and menopause. Variation is the norm!
  • Low hormone levels are the physical reality behind many lost libidos. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy may help restore your health and your sex drive by putting your hormones back in balance.

Thanks for the great tips Dr. Jen!


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