Unexpected Yoga Benefits

I mentioned recently that my daughter’s been dragging me to yoga. At first, I went begrudgingly, but I’ve really started getting into it. And I’ve found some rather surprising perks!

First, there are the obvious things. I’m not feeling as stressed, I’m not feeling as tightly wound, I can move more easily and I feel stronger. Those are the things I was kind of expecting from the work-out. They’re what everyone always seems to be talking about.

But there are other benefits, too. I’m feeling a lot more confident about myself, and that’s really helping my anxiety. I feel more like I can just get up and do things. It goes beyond just a better mood – I’m standing up taller, holding my head up higher, and feeling just overall better about myself.

Also, more flexibility. That includes in bed. I’m just putting that out there, ladies.

Love and Balance!




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  • Good for you, Teresa! : )

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