Unreasonable Anger

Good Afternoon, Menopause Maniacs!

Mood swings were easily my most devastating symptom during the worst of my menopause. When I say that the Witch transformed me into her own image, I’m truly not exaggerating. Looking back, it seems as though I was angry all the time. The worst part is that, even while steaming, I knew that it was unreasonable. I couldn’t actually say what it was that I was so angry about — or, if I could, I knew that these “problems” shouldn’t have gotten me so horribly riled. I once yelled at my darling son for sneezing!

The Witch kept my house in constant turmoil. My family gave me a wide berth and my heart suffered for it. As my symptoms eased up and the fog of rage faded into reason, I was able to nurture my relationships back into the healthy state I’d so longed for.

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