Menopause in Your 50s: Up Your Pleasure


Vaginal lubrication is linked to sufficient levels of estrogen, which tend to plummet during menopause, following pregnancy and with treatments for breast cancer. intercourse can become very painful.  You may lose the desire to have sex or endure  pain in an attempt to appease your partner. The impact on your sex life and health – mental and physical – is significant.



Reclaim your sex life! 

  • Hormone therapy.  Restoring estrogen and progesterone levels to normal levels can bring back the natural mechanism that supports vaginal lubrication. Studies have shown that in addition to treatment with the estradiol, the estrogen hormone, estriol, is also very effective.
  • Lubricate. There are many lubricants on the market today that have been specially formulated for menopausal women. Choose a water-based formula or use all-natural products, like extra virgin coconut oil, which offers a pleasant odor in addition to adequate lubrication.

Check out the article in the September 2012 issue of Family Circle18 Things Every Woman Should Know about Menopause by Jessica Girdwain


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  • Nice post, I like this post , because I benefited this post