Weekend Reading – Bioidenticals Are Hot!

Hi there! How pleasantly surprised was I to wake up this morning to FOUR wonderful (and thankfully, balanced) articles about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, HRT in general, menopause and blood testing for better health! I had to pass on these words of wisdom to all of you.

First, the St. Petersburg Times discusses how bioidentical hormones can offer relief for many menopause symptoms. The writer also interviewed Tampa doctor, Dr. Robert Rubin, a BodyLogicMD physician and anti-aging expert.

Now, the bioidentical motherload! Deborah Kotz of US News & World Report published not one, but THREE articles in a special online Women’s Health section. What a great resource for people looking for HRT information! First, there’s the Bioidentical Hormones: A User’s Guide, which is exactly what it says – tips for getting optimal benefits from bioidentical hormones. This is a great read for people just starting out with their research, and talking points with doctors. Then, read (and listen to) an amazing and informative interview with Suzanne Somers! Somers explains how bioidenticals play a vital role in her health regimen, how her menopause experience went and her take on her own critics.

Kotz rounds out her section with an article titled “Bioidentical Hormones: Safer For Hot Flashes Than HRT?” This is a must read! Without giving too much away, the writer suggests that with careful planning and monitoring, bioidenticals can be an effective course to working through menopause. Like all health writers, Kotz stresses talking to your doctor often, weighing your options, as well as incorporating a fitness and good eating plan to balance your strategy. At least for these articles, it’s nice to read someone balancing their opinions, interviewing experts on both sides of the coin, and letting the reader decide what’s best for them!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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