What You Can Do to Improve- Though Not Necessarily ‘Cure’ Cellulite/ Part Four of our Four part Cellulite series

carriepierce_menopauserusWhile not all cellulite treatments deliver results, there are some that can -and DO-lessen cellulite’s appearance. Ingredients such as caffeine and certain herbs and botanicals assist in this lessening effect.

Let’s take a closer look:

Cypress: Astringent. Has a strong toning effect on tissues. (Cypress should be avoided by pregnant women.)

Grape Seed Extract: Causes collagen fibers to strengthen. Improve blood vessel elasticity and circulation.

Dandelion: Flushes toxins and detoxes the liver and gall bladder. (Be aware however, if you are Gluten Intolerant, dandelion is one of the highest gluten containing herbs on the planet!)

Horse Chesnut:  Causes the capillaries under the surface of the skin to become more toned, reducing cellulite’s appearance.

Kelp: Stimulates metabolism and causes the body to release fluid accumulation. (If iodine sensitive please avoid using Kelp and/or other seaweed topically!)

Milk Thistle: Causes the liver to detoxify. Benefits circulation.

Grapefruit: Very stimulating. Diruetic. Strengthens and tones underlying tissues. Clears  congestion from connective tissues.

Fennel: Very diruetic. Also anti-inflammatory.

Green Tea:  Antioxidant and is a blood thinner.

Ginko Biloba: Boosts circulation and causes cholesterol within the artery walls to remain fluid.

Juniper: Antiseptic. Stimulating. Diuretic.  Stimulates circulation and flushes wastes out of tissues. (This is another herb that should be avoided by pregnant women.)

Urva Ursi: Diruetic.  Stimulates the release of trapped fluids. Fights bacteria. (Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.)

Gotu Kola: Strengthens collagen fibers.  Make vein and capillary walls more flexible and less prone to leaking. 

There are two massage techniques proven to benefit cellulite. Either of these would be wise to employ when working with products containing the herbs listed above- provided there are no contraindications:

Dry brush massage: An ancient technique: using a natural bristle brush, lightly brush arms and legs using gentle, upward strokes toward the heart. This stimulates the lymph system and causes toxins to be moved through the lymph nodes and eventually eliminated.

Lymphatic drainage: Incredibly powerful for moving lymph and causing a deep, systemic detox. Should be done by licensed professionals only.  Prior to undergoing Lymphatic Drainage a detailed health analysis is necessary.

These ingredients, techniques and lifestyle adjustments- coupled with working with your BodyLogic MD physician to balance hormones will bring you lasting improvement in your battle against Cellulite!

By: Carrie E. Pierce and Menopauserus.com

Carrie has worked exclusively in the skin care, health and beauty industry for over 25 years.

She’s a licensed Aesthetician, is certified in Color Analysis and has built a solid, international reputation in the field of holistic, menopausal skin care; specializing in harmful cosmetic ingredients and industry practices.

She’s a recognized speaker and published writer- having written numerous articles in women’s health and beauty publications and she is Founder and President of Menopauserus.com- The ultimate natural help and support site for women in need of peri menopause and menopause relief.

It’s her mission to help make menopause ‘The Change for the Better’- for women everywhere!


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