What You Can Do to Improve- Though Not Necessarily ‘Cure’ Cellulite/ Part Three of our Four part Cellulite series

carriepierce_menopauserusAs we’ve already learned, Cellulite is very common in women- but can even be found in some men and a few teenage girls. It also seems to profoundly worsen with the onset of Menopause.

Cellulite can exist in women who have as little as 15% body fat.

PRIOR to Menopause, cellulite is a condition comprised of two basic issues:  Decreased microcirculation deep in the skin tissues- and inflammation caused by free radical buildup and insufficient lymphatic drainage.

AFTER menopause however, another factor kicks in to greatly worsen cellulite: hormone imbalances -chiefly excess estrogen.

Excess estrogen can cause connective tissues- and septae- to weaken.  This weakening then allows fat deposits to collect and push to the surface of the skin in bundles. Couple this with poor microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, and you have the Perfect Storm scenario for the development and progression of cellulite.

While it’s generally accepted that once cellulite forms it is notoriously  impossible to get rid of-all is not lost. New research indicates certain things CAN be done to improve- though not necessarily ‘cure’- cellulite. 

Certain ingredients such as caffeine and key herbs and botanicals (used topically) assist , while important lifestyle choices can also help.

Crucial to enhancing overall health, strength and vitality, exercise is a non-negotiable for health and beauty. An excellent way to keep circulation and lymphatic fluid moving and toxins being released, exercise also helps tone muscle and boost metabolism- especially in peri menopausal and Menopausal women.

Also, keeping blood sugar levels stable by eating a low glycemic diet is especially important during Menopause, as doing so takes a huge burden off the adrenal glands. 

Getting enough of the essential fatty acids, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C also proves helpful-and wise.

 First and foremost however, if you have cellulite and are peri menopausal /Menopausal, it is imperative to get -and keep- your hormones in balance!

Hormone supplementation impacts- and in some cases reverses- the aging process of the skin.
There is a strong correlation between hormone decline and the onset of visible signs of skin aging.

Next, we will discuss the herbs and botanicals proven to help improve cellulite, as well as certain massage techniques that are time tested for treating this rather frustrating condition.

Until Then-

By: Carrie E. Pierce and Menopauserus.com

Carrie has worked exclusively in the skin care, health and beauty industry for over 25 years.

She’s a licensed Aesthetician, is certified in Color Analysis and has built a solid, international reputation in the field of holistic, menopausal skin care; specializing in harmful cosmetic ingredients and industry practices.

She’s a recognized speaker and published writer- having written numerous articles in women’s health and beauty publications and she is Founder and President of Menopauserus.com- The ultimate natural help and support site for women in need of peri menopause and menopause relief.

It’s her mission to help make menopause ‘The Change for the Better’- for women everywhere!


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