When Menopause Rears Her Ugly Head

Good morning, Menopause Maniacs!

I do believe I mentioned that my change is pretty much finished, and my symptoms are much improved. But I still have a few visits by the Wicked Hormone Witch.

The worst of my menopause symptoms were always the mood swings – and especially the anger! It was as if the Wicked Witch came to possess me herself. I was a walking nightmare, I know. But now, I’m usually able to keep that Witch as bay, and be the pleasant, happy woman who I know I truly am.

But that doesn’t mean She doesn’t still come calling.

This last Friday, I took my darling granddaughters to the movies. I really do love spending time with my little angels, and it gives their parents a chance to have an evening out alone. The movie itself was lovely, but the audience was not so nice. There was a mother with a child in the seats just behind ours, and, bless his heart, the child was the more mature of the two. When the movie started, the mother was on the phone. It was the boy who told her to hang up. And then, throughout the film, the mother chose to converse with her child. For the most part, she was asking him about the movie – was he enjoying it? What just happened? Why did that person do that?

I think, if it had just been me, I wouldn’t have gotten so upset. But my granddaughters kept casting glances back, and were getting rather antsy and clearly annoyed. After all, they were having trouble watching the movie! It just got to me.

I turned around, and told the woman, in less than the kindest terms, to please shut up, or take her conversation outside.

Now, I know there were better ways of handling that. In fact, if I’d just told her exactly what I typed above, it would have been far better than what I actually said. And I really should have spoken more quietly. The woman was only bothering those immediately around her, but I’m certain the entire audience heard me.

And that poor boy looked so terribly horrified.

But the woman was quiet for the rest of the movie.

Until next time,




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