Where, Oh Where, Did My Libido Go?

Let’s face it, ladies – when menopause wreaks havoc on our bodies and hormones, it’s messing with the most fun aspect of our lives as well. I may not be “officially” old, but when I crawl into bed at night, sex is one of the last things on my mind (chocolate may even come before it. prayer for a good night’s sleep is a must). I used to blame my job, running around, stress, lack of sleep, anything that would justify not being able to muster up enough energy for sex!

Once I started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), however, I couldn’t believe what my doctor showed me. My hormone levels were so off, my body couldn’t possibly respond to being physical. The way I was explained, if your brain and glands throughout your system aren’t giving your body the right amount of hormones, how can the body respond in a good way? And now, aside from crazy hot flashes that make me feel like showering three times a day, I have menopause to blame for this?

BodyLogic calls it “The Mystery of the Lost Libido”. Great title, right? Maybe we should write a book. Low sex drive affects both women and men (and ladies, don’t be afraid to bring this up to your man! They may be too macho to admit it!). With women, an decrease of progesterone during perimenopause allows for an estrogen dominance, which can lead to discomfort during sex, mood swings and fatigue in general. This can also be combined a loss of testosterone in women, which we need to heighten sexual function. For men, a loss of testosterone during andropause (the male menopause) also inhibits sex drive.

Low libido can also cause a big strain on your marriage, self-esteem, and overall physical well being. That’s why getting in touch with a BHRT doc and combining a healthy diet, exercise and hormone therapy can get you back in the bedroom – and not just for BED!


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  • Yep! Love my testosterone!

  • Cindy

    Can you update on how Judy is doing?

  • Judy is doing great! Thanks for asking! 🙂