Who Says Theme Parks are Just for Kids?

My darling family and I just got back from Six Flags! While the trip was mostly for the benefit of my granddaughters, her parents and I weren’t going to just sit out and watch the fun. We were all right there with them, riding the rides and enjoying every moment of it!

I’m quite certain that I was the oldest person standing in those (all-too-long) lines. I noticed a few people giving me surprised looks when I climbed into those frightening contraptions full of straps and buckles. I did feel a bit queasy with some of the more extreme dips and turns, but I certainly had fun!

I did spot a group of women who seemed just a little younger than me — and one had all the look of a woman in menopause. It was hot out, but I think I can recognize a hot flash when I see one. What truly impressed me about these women was that they seemed to be there on their own  — without child accompaniment. They were so sure and comfortable with themselves that they did not care about stepping outside their “age-appropriate” selection of diversions — they went to a theme park, and had as good a time as any group of younger women might!

So here’s a “shout out” to the Six Flags Ladies. As the younger generations might say: You Go, Girls!  I’m proud of you!

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