Why I’ll be Reading The Sex Drive Solution

by S.W.C., guest blogger

After reading last week’s sneak peek at the intro from Dr. Jen Landa’s book, The Sex Drive Solution for Women, I came to realize that this is a book I should be reading.

There are a lot of so-called experts that publish books and put their advice out there for all to follow, but many of whom are not credible or lack personal experience.  Dr. Jen is a truest form of a resource, not only has she endured the struggles of low libido, conceived children and sustains a long-term relationship, but she is also a board-certified medical doctor.  After reading her intro, I feel like my experiences with this book will be like chatting with one of my friends – she can relate to what I have been through and it just so happens (and aren’t I lucky) she is a doctor too!

Although, I have not read more than a few pages into the first chapter, I felt I needed to share with other women why I decided to read this book and why I believe it is going to offer me (and definitely thousands of other women) some real solutions.

Pick up your copy of The Sex Drive Solution for Women: Dr. Jen’s Power Plan to Fire-up Your Libido, at major national booksellers, Amazon.com or download to your Nook, Kindle or iPad!


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