Woohoo! Dr. Phil Steps Up To the BHRT Plate!

Well, what do we have here?! Yesterday, Dr. Phil had an ENTIRE SHOW on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), called (I love this), “What’s Hormones Got to Do with It?” What an amazing show! Dr. Phil totally gave the spotlight to his wife, Robin. She discussed her journey through menopause, and getting to optimal health with bioidentical hormones, exercise, better eating, and support from her doctor and family. Of course, this was totally inspiring – I felt like she really spoke to women everywhere going through this, even more than in her book!

What was also wonderful about the show was the variety of people Dr. Phil also focused on, as well as tackled the many questions people have about BHRT head on. Dr. Phil and Robin spoke about synthetic hormones vs. bioidenticals; what compounding pharmacies are; the potentical dangers of not ready your body and not getting tested, and more. Check out all the videos, and pass this along!

Dr. Phil and Robin are so great for continuing to get this message out there . . . I know my life is completely different thanks to BHRT and the support and guidance of my physician.

Thanks, Robin and Dr. Phil, for helping to spread the word!


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