World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine This Weekend!

So. As you can see from my posts this week, anti-aging and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is still hot and on everyone’s radar! Thanks again, Dr. Phil!

How excited was I to see that the 17th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine is THIS WEEKEND in Orlando! You have to check out their website to see what I’m taking about  – over 3000 anti-aging experts in all fields will be there! Over 300 exhibitors of products and services! Lots and lots of professional people, walking around and talking about things like BHRT to anyone who will listen!

It’s always great when a group of people can come together to speak to regular folks like us, not only to sing the praises of BHRT and anti-aging medicine, but to educate and present topics you may have never even heard of. And, of course, I’m totally disappointed at the same time – since I can’t be there. I wish I could just pick all of the doctor’s and expert’s brains about how to grow old like Suzanne Somers and look fabulous at 65 because of BHRT. Maybe I’ll just watch Oprah on loop…


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  • It is important to note that Suzanne gets Growth Hormone shots. This is a huge reason why she looks so good. I wish I could afford to get them.

  • Oh…and the Facemaster. Now that IS affordable and it works! GET ONE, and you’ll look so much younger.