Worshipping At The Shrine of Suzanne Somers

If I ever get to meet Suzanne Somers, I may bow down and kiss her on her red-carpet-walking, more expensive than my weekly salary, probably-Italian shoes.

I’ve been spraying myself with estrogen spray pretty much every hour on the hour for the past week or so. I am getting extensively paranoid about the whole blood-clot thing, despite my baby-aspirin routine. Last night I decided to get on the Internet and do some research on menopause and hormones. Everywhere I clicked, there was Suzanne, talking about how awesome her life is and how great she feels. Yeah, yeah, yeah… *Sigh* My life blows in comparison. I get it Suzanne.

I have become obsessed with this smiling, 60-ish woman who looks and feels better than I do and I’m sure-as-hell-not 60 years old.

After prodigious Googling, I had watched essentially every video clip of her available on the Internet, with some old “Three’s Company” clips thrown in to satisfy my nostalgia. God, even then she was perfect wasn’t she. Bitch.

Can’t wait to pick up her books to see what other kind of advice she has and if it might help.



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  • Dawn

    Hi Judy,
    Yes, the whole Suzanne thing is a love-hate relationship! She’s beautiful and high energy-both reasons to love and hate her!
    I have been having symptoms for several years now(I’ll be 50 in Dec.) and can’t take it anymore! I was on Weight Watchers and doing great. I was within a few pounds of my goal when…WHAM…hit by the menopause truck! Can’t lose weight(actually gained a lot back what I lost), hot flashes, mood swings and sooooo tired. I can’t remember anything anymore and seem to be in a fog most of the time. And what is sex?!?! Poor DH is very understanding but how long will that last? I was also diagnosed 14 years ago with hypothyroid and take levothyroxine. I don’t think it helps much, if at all anymore.
    Anyway…a couple of months ago I was googling hormone therapies for the menopause and thyroid problem when I came across BodyLogicMD. It took me a few days to send them an email. I heard back for someone at Dr. Deuson’s office that day and started the ball rolling right away. I have done my blood work and saliva tests. I have an appointment this Thurs 10/16…Yeah, finally. I just had a couple of questions for you seeing as you went to a BodyLogicMD doc. I know the appt. is an hour but what happens for an hour? That seems so long! Longer than most docs spend with you. Do you get your hormones at that time? Or do you have to wait a few days?
    Im very anxious to finally get started! Do you know if they do thyroid hormones as well? They did test my TSH, T3 and T4. So I assume they will help with that.
    Thanks for any help you can offer. You’ve already helped by starting this blog! I’ll be checking back often.

  • Janet

    Thank you Judy and Dawn for sharing your stories. It is great to hear that other women are feeling as awful as I am, even though that doesn’t sound just right! I’m not glad you’re feeling awful, but I am glad there are others out there who are going through the same thing and understand!

    Even though I am older than both of you (52), I am also new to the world of hormone replacement therapy. I have been absolutely MISERABLE for the past two years and didn’t know what to do or where to turn for help. I’ve been depressed, anxious, not sleeping more than 2-5 hours a night, stressed out, fatigued, etc. Often I have felt like I wanted to just die. I went to my doctor and said that I think I need hormone therapy and he told me doesn’t “believe in it” and put me on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. After taking the stuff for over a year and not feeling any better, I got to the point where I was feeling like my life was over and good times would be no more.

    Then I saw Suzanne’s book “Breakthrough” and thought WTH I’ll try it. Before I was even finished with the book I had already found a new doctor, quit smoking, quit drinking diet soda, started eating healthier and taking supplements, and started exercising. It is a very convincing book, I must say. The doctor I am seeing is not a BodyLogic doctor because I couldn’t afford it, so I hope it’s okay to post on this blog.

    But anyway, I have been on estriol and progesterone in capsule form for about 3 weeks now and I am feeling better. I no longer want to die, which is a good thing 🙂 although I can’t say that I feel totally “normal” yet or anywhere near as wonderful as Suzanne Somers apparently feels. But she can afford HGH and all that other expensive stuff. I imagine we’d all feel wonderful if we could afford to take HGH every day. Anyway…I am sleeping through the night most nights and my hot flashes have pretty much disappeared. I am going to see the doctor again in a couple of weeks.

    One thing I am concerned about, as you mentioned Dawn, is the weight gain from the estrogen. I have gained about 5 pounds so far and it’s only been 3 weeks. So I am trying to increase my exercise but it’s hard to find the time when you have to go to work, etc.

    So hang in there, it does get better. I am hoping it will continue to get even better because I want to feel “normal” again, as I’m sure you do too!


  • Sooo happy to have found you — and I’ll be back often because you’re feisty and funny and full of good advice! I’m following you on Twitter, too.

    Carol (aka NorthwestLadybug)

  • Dawn – I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! My Doctor, Dr. Lee, spent almost 90 minutes with me. We talked about absolutely everything, he is a true expert and will answer any and all questions no matter how long it takes. He went into great detail about all my hormones, and the role each plays. We talked about nutrition/fitness, and why supplements are important.

    I honestly feel he wants me to feel better as much as I do!!!

    He will order whatever meds you need and it took two days for the meds to arrive at my door, which meant no waiting at the pharmacy! We all know how I feel about Walgreens. 🙂

    They used Medaus Pharmacy, they are pretty easy to find online. I’m not sure about your thyroid meds, My test was abnormal too but I don’t need any thyroid replacement yet. Thank god.

    Anyway, welcome to the world of new medicine! Please let me know how everything goes!

    Good Luck!
    Judy B

  • Carrie

    Hi I am so excited to find a website to talk to other women going through what I am going through.
    I have been reading up on this for a few years now(mostly Suzanne Somers books) and finaly made an appointment with a place here in Austin, Texas. I was so excited about going but when I heard about how much it will cost it floored me! I am checking out several places but am currious if the price they quoted me is normal. They said 750 for office fee’s doc visit etc(one time offering). Then since there was a doc on board he wrote a lab slip for all the testing which is covered by my insurance (Yeah). They are telling me to expect to pay around 200 a month in perscriptions. This seems very high to me, is it?

  • Janet –

    I don’t even know your doc and I hate him.

    Antidepressants are not the answer when it comes to hormonal issues. When will that fact penetrate their thick heads and ugly white coats?

    BTW, I can’t afford Suzanne’s regimen either. I have started my own though, and it is amazing because it is tailored to my needs AND my budget.

    Right now, I’m on:

    Estrogen Cream
    Progesterone Capsules
    Fish Oil Supplements
    Adrenal Capsules

    I follow an eating plan designed for me by Dr. Lee, I can’t even call it a diet because it isn’t one. I’m finally losing weight and I’m not starving myself (those days are over, thank god). What we eat really plays a part in obtaining the balance we crave.

    I did fire my cleaning girl… to me it was more important to spend that money on my health.

    Stay cool and out of that desert sun!!

    Judy B

  • loren

    Hello all you beautiful people. judyb can you be so kind as to give me the names of all the suplements you are taking and what kind of foods your eating I would like to try doing that for myself thank you kindly.

  • Carrie –

    $750.00 is a lot for an office visit. Did dinner and drinks come with that? LOL!

    Was that including labs? My first bill for RX was $161.00 and I have refilled once and it was $80.00. I don’t know what meds you will need, everyone is different.

    Judy B.

  • Loren –

    I take Adren-all and fish oil supplements. The diet Dr. Lee put me on is tailored to me, so keep in mind that your needs might be different and that the best way to tell is to visit a BodyLogicMD doc.

    The basic diet guidelines are as follows:

    3 meals a day with protein, carbs, and fat.

    2-3 snacks of organic berries all kinds, about 1 cup, and 1/4 cup raw nuts (no peanuts)

    No dairy, nothing white, nothing artificial (Equal, Splenda ect.)

    No soda, chips or crackers

    Only fruit that crunches such as apples or pears

    Lean meat only

    Colorful, crunchy veggies

    That’s about it! It took some time to get it, but it helps for me to remember its not a diet its a new way to eat.

    Judy B.

  • Laura

    I, too, worship Suzanne Somers. I’ve read all her books, (“Breakthrough” is a MUST READ for all women AND men…in my opinion).
    She is the reason I sought out a bioidentical doc and got on bioidenticals at 51. I’m 54 now, and I am not jealous of Suzanne, because I look better than she does (ONLY because I’m younger) and it’s all thanks to HER!
    You don’t need HGH to achieve most of what she’s achieved. Do what you can. What I learned is that every.single.thing I put in my mouth either helps me or hurts me. Period. There are no “nuetral” foods.
    Stay conscious and remember, you really are what you eat.

    Also…. I exercise every.single.day. For at least 30 minutes. Why? Because I eat every.single.day. Simple. My doctor put it this way: “When you start eaing only on M-W-F, then I suppose exercising 3 days a week would be okay. Until then, it’s energy in, energy out. Every day. No shortcuts.” I laughed, but she has a point! I do much more exercise on 3 of the 7 days, but I do “something” every day. Even if it’s just a 30 minute walk outside (in summer) or treadmill session (in winter).

    As for estrogen making you gain weight….I doubt it. Assuming you are eating right and exercising, that is not the problem. It’s the balance of estrogen to progesterone that is the culprit. Probably need more progesterone in relation to the estrogen. Then you’ll see a whole different ball game.

  • Laura,
    I do believe synthetic estrogen (without progesterone) made me gain weight-not to mention an increased risk of breast cancer. Now that I am taking bioidentical progesterone and a tiny tiny dose of bioidentical estrogen I am able to drop weight with the proper diet. IT’S ALL ABOUT BALANCE! That’s what I have been talking about.
    Thanks for the input,

  • Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  • Mary Mc

    Can you tell me who you saw in Austin?

    • Hi Mary,

      There is an excellent physician in Dallas, who practices integrative medicine, specializing in bioidentical hormones, fitness and nutrition. Her name is Dr. Lisa Gorn – she’s very knowledgable in preventive medicine and is sweet as can be. She’s really easy to talk to and best of all, she listens!

      If you’d like more information, I’d be more than happy to assist you.

      Here’s a link her webpage: Lisa Gorn, D.O.

      Hope this info. helps!

  • J Noneya

    Is anyone still posting to this site? I’ve really enjoyed it but see no posts since July ’10….

    • Hi J,

      We’ve had some staff changes, but the blog will be back up with a makeover and fresh faces. Thanks for your patience!