Wow! A Product Unaffected by Inflation


-Author Anonymous

I was in the ladies room at a restaurant over the weekend and I overheard two women chatting about the tampon machine affixed to the wall.

An older woman looked at the machine and said, “I come here every week. This is new.”

Another younger girl smiled politely, “I suppose so.” She shrugged and walked into one of the stalls.

The older woman continued to stare at the machine as she dried her hands. I was washing mine. As I am walking toward the bathroom door, the older woman exclaims, ” Well, would you look at that? It’s still only 25 cents!”

The younger girl in the stall snickered as she stepped out, clearly uninterested in the older woman’s fascination.

The older woman continued as she looked up at me, “And wouldn’t you know, it’s  probably the one thing unaffected by inflation after all these years and I don’t even need to use it!”

Now I was laughing.


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